Our Babywearing Journey

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I had something of a high-needs baby. Actually, that high-needs baby has turned into a still relatively high-needs toddler. From the day she was born, she wouldn’t tolerate being set down. When she was two weeks old, I took her to The Lactation Station in Salt Lake City, Utah and bought our first Sleepy Wrap.

She pretty much lived in that thing for the first few months of her life. It was how I kept blogging, playing WoW, cleaning my house (sometimes), and especially leaving my house. I remember seeing moms carrying around babies in their car seats before I was even pregnant and thinking of how inconvenient it looked. Actually, it turns out that carrying your baby in their car seat lowers their oxygen levels. So every time I was going somewhere—which was very frequently as I tried to leave the house every day to keep myself from getting depressed—I would put on the Sleepy Wrap before I left the house and she would go in when we got to our destination.

For a long time, I didn’t use anything besides the Sleepy Wrap (and I actually still use it when she’s asleep and we’re out and about). I even got a second Sleepy Wrap (organic even!) to review for my blog and it’s seen quite a lot of use itself. I made a sling from the Maya Wrap website (which was really easy by the way), but didn’t use it while she was still little. Now that she’s older, I use it all the time for a hip carry and occasionally for a back carry. I also have a pouch sling I use for hip carries too.

I would like to do more back carrying, but I can’t really figure out my Mei Tai. There’s a babywearing class at the Cafe this year that I’m going to go to and get some help. I’m planning on getting a Boba carrier soon. I think that now that Peanut is getting older and bigger, back carrying will become our main carrying position. Hopefully I can figure it out soon.

It’s such a shame that babywearing has gotten such a bad rap lately. I like to take every opportunity to teach other moms about babywearing so that they can do it right and safely—which definitely includes avoiding carriers sold in big box stores.

All-in-all, babywearing just makes sense. If I didn’t babywear when Peanut was little, I would have never gotten anything done and would have had a screaming baby much more often because arms can only hold eight pounds for so long. Babywearing has kept me going on nights where Peanut just wouldn’t sleep. Babywearing has helped me to continue to have a life with a high-needs infant. Babywearing has even made taking mass transit more convenient! Babywearing rocks!


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5 thoughts on “Our Babywearing Journey

  1. My husband and I both wear our little man whenever we can. It is much easier for us to wear him, and much better for him to be worn. I had the bjorn, which was great while he was under 14 lbs. I used it at the beach to get him from the house to the water so I could carry my towel and bag. But the bjorn is uncomfortable, and I don’t like the way it presses on his legs, so I got the ERGO baby carrier, similar to the boba, but I put a wanted add on craigslist and got my ergo for $50. MORE than half price!!! I love the ERGO, it even has pockets so you don’t always have to carry a bag… love wearing my baby! everyone should try it!!!

  2. I hadn’t read that study about car seats–thanks for sharing that link in this post! This is yet another reason I can give my family when they ask about babywearing. Thanks for your post!

  3. I feel like I could have written all of your posts, we have so much in common! I have to say I loved my Sleepy Wrap as well but once my little man outgrew it I turned to an Ergo. You should try it out, I LOVE it and so does my son.

  4. Yes, yes it does! Definitely hit that babywearing class at the BF Cafe. Once you figure out back carries, you will be even more hooked. If you can, I would recommend getting a woven wrap and using this for doing back carries as well!

  5. If you tie the sleepy wrap (I assume its like the Moby or Cuddly Wrap??) the same way but opposite from usual you can wear them on your back. You will just need help putting the baby in. Good luck!

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