Facing It As It Comes

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I obviously haven’t had a child wean yet. Peanut is 16 months old and we have no plans of stopping. I’ve written before about how I used to think I’d stop when Peanut was one year old. Of course, that was before she was actually here. Stopping now would be way too much strain on both of us both emotionally and physically. I don’t even know how I would parent without breastfeeding!

Weirdly enough, I got more questions about when I was going to stop before Peanut was a year old than I do now. Maybe it’s because I’m more confident now? Maybe it’s because they figure that if I’m still going, I’m probably not stopping soon? Maybe it’s just that I’m lucky so far.

I am lucky actually. I’m lucky enough to have the people around me support our breastfeeding relationship. This extends to my friends too. The friends who I was afraid to breastfeed in front of when Peanut was tiny don’t even bat an eye now. These people just see it as part of who we are.

Peanut doesn’t nurse much in public anymore. Not because I’m against it, but because she’s too busy. When she does nurse in public, I try to view every time as a teaching moment. Not for me or her, but for the people around us. I feel that every time that I breastfeed in public that I’m helping to normalize breastfeeding for the people around me.

I’m sure it will get more difficult as she gets older—we’re not even past the World Health Organization’s minimum. I am already expecting some backlash from certain family members. I’m sure that I’ll get more complains as she gets older when she nurses in public. I’m sure that it will bother my friends more.

I’m also hoping that the people around me will see her breastfeed regularly enough that it won’t be a big deal to see her nursing as she gets older. I also know that if they can’t respect our breastfeeding relationship enough to not try to interfere that they’re probably not worth it. Of course questions are always welcome, but I hear of other moms being told they need to stop and that is simply wrong. People like that just won’t have a place in our lives.

Guess we’ll just have to face all of that when it comes.


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3 thoughts on “Facing It As It Comes

  1. You go girl and don’t let anyone stop you-short of Peanut that is. And like you said-she will let you know when that time comes. Until then, enjoy your time together, whether in public or not. I am of the opinion, if you don’t make a big deal about it, then most people won’t either.

  2. I hope for both of you that you’re wrong about encountering more discomfort and resistance to you continuing to breastfeed as time goes on. I like your attitude about it, and thanks for helping to normalize breastfeeding. It makes it easier for all of us!

  3. We get family trying to give us advice on weaning and telling me that it’s okay to leave DD2 overnight with them, even when I tell them that we are not ready for that. It hurts that they are not more supportive. I am glad you have supportive people around you 🙂

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