Newsletter — 16 Months

Hello Little Miss,

Sorry this newsletter is a couple weeks late. I was busy working on the Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival posting every day on here and I don’t like doing multiple posts on my blog a day. I know, I know, crazy Mama.

I counted a couple of weeks ago and figured out you have 27 signs. Actually, you’ve added a few more on since then. You even know the sign for red! You don’t always pick the right color when we ask you which color is red, but you can certainly sign it! You’ve pretty much stopped saying “mama” and “Mum Mum”. Seems like you lost your M’s. I figure it’s probably normal since you did something similar when you were first signing.

Your newest friend is Squeed. Squeed and her mama have been coming up a lot more often than they used to and we even went out to Stansbury Park once. Surprisingly, you did fantastic on the ride there and back by the way. You even say her name! For the longest time I thought you were saying “dada” and would say back to you “Dada is downstairs” or something along those lines, then I realized you were saying “Del-da”! When we were at the movies yesterday and I was changing your bum, Squeed came into the bathroom to go potty and you could hear her so you yelled “Del-da!!!”

Your favorite thing is to be chased around. You still love reading books. You enjoy swimming and we went with Sophie and Lexi the other day. You give mouth kisses. You can climb up the slide all by yourself and even climbed onto the back part of the cube slide in the backyard by yourself.

Speaking of climbing, you’re a climbing freak! It started with couches. Then you moved onto chairs. Then you figured out you can go from the chairs in the kitchen to the kitchen table. Oh boy, that one is fun. If I accidentally leave a pen on the kitchen table, I can bet on finding you up on there trying to color with it sometime in the near future.

You also love getting temporary tattoos on your belly. When you have one and we ask “Where is your race car?” (or whatever it happens to be) you’ll lift up your shirt and show us!

I love you so much!


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