My New House Mondays: Welcome

I’ve decided that I want to document the transformation of my house. We spend three weeks painting the interior of the house and other things and I like to use this blog as a documentation of our lives, so I’m documenting the transformation. And of course, it gives me an excuse to actually pick up my house. So starting today, every Monday I will be posting a “tour” of our new house room by room with before and after pictures, along with what I’d like to do with the room in the future. If/when we do improvements to the house, I’ll likely post those as part of the series too. So you are officially forewarned readers, be ready to be likely bored (unless you’re into house transformations) because I am straying far from the normal breastfeeding and attachment parenting info I normally post on the blog. Though you’ll likely see Peanut in some of the pictures. 😀

There will be no after pictures in this set because I’m just barely making plans for what I’m going to do to things outside.

This is my home.

We have lots of rose bushes (11 to be exact) and I originally thought we would rip them out, but I’ve changed my mind. I do plan on ripping out the ugly-green-nothingness bushes in front of the house though. I really don’t see the point in those kinds of bushes—they’re just filler. I would much rather have some flowers or something.

You can certainly tell that a toddler lives here! We were planning on getting a patio set soon (probably in end-of-summer sales), but I don’t think that will happen for a while.

One of the reasons we chose this house over the others is its quirks. I love that our house is so different from all the others we looked at. One of our house’s big quirks is that it has two big screen doors. Another is that our “front door” is actually on the side. Both of which are showcased in this photo (along with Crazy McPooch in the window).

Our backyard. I got the slide for Peanut off of KSL and the weird umbrella thing in the middle of the photograph is our clothes dryer. I plan on ripping out the bushes on the right side (green and yellow ones) in the very near future (as soon as my parents are done putting bamboo flooring in so that they can help me as I tend to put myself in immediate danger when handling scary things like chain saws). Also, Peanut already opens the gate constantly. I need to find a latch that she can’t open.

Lastly, behind our garage is our only tree. It is a tart apple tree, so I guess I need to learn to make pies. One day, I plan on pulling all of those weeds and building a vegetable garden back there. I wanted to do it this year, but by the time we were in the house it was too late to plant much of anything, so it’s fallen to the wayside. I figure I’ll pull weeds in the fall and then add some compost (hopefully from my compost bin I just made if it starts making compost soon enough!), then it’ll be good to go next year.

Thus far I don’t have a lot of plans on what I’m going to put in my yard—just mostly what I’m going to take out. I plan on ripping out pretty much all bushes (except the one that my husband insists on keeping because he says it looks like a bonsai tree) and a long wall of vines because vines are pretty, but not worth the pain. It’ll be interesting to figure out what to put in after those things are out. These projects will take a long time though and I’m only going to do one at a time as to not overwhelm myself. First I will be getting rid of the yellow and green bushes. They will be replaced with strawberries on one side of the back door and a doghouse on the other.

I’ll leave you with the “bonsai tree” bush:


4 thoughts on “My New House Mondays: Welcome

  1. I really like your large driveway and the different look your house has. I admire different looking houses, lol. I’m looking forward to the new house posts!

  2. Ooh! I love your house! I love that the garage is so far back; I don’t think garages are very pretty and have always wanted a home where the garage was as hidden as possible.

    And I’m jealous you have a yard. I wish I had a yard. 🙂

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