Meet Sebastian Alexander Bartholomew III

Yes, I buckled him in.

SAB is my birthday/anniversary/partial-Christmas gift. I have been pining this camera for probably pushing on two years. I watched as the prices went down waiting and waiting, then suddenly they just stopped going down. My husband kept telling me that it was too expensive and I kept saying I wanted to take beautiful pictures of our daughter. Finally, we came to an agreement that I ask for money from everyone for my birthday to go towards the camera and then what I didn’t get in money would go towards my future holidays. So it turned out to be my birthday, anniversary, and about half of my Christmas.

If you’re looking for a digital SLR camera, I definitely recommend using this guide. I spend a couple hours on there one day deciding exactly what was important to me in a camera (which was mostly being able to carry it around and take pictures of moving objects—well, just one moving object). I figured I should do some comparison shopping against the Nikon D3000 before actually laying the money down to buy it. As you can see, the comparison shopping lead me straight back to my camera.

Then I started looking around for deals. I thought I found a great deal at Walmart, but it turned out to have a completely different lens than the other deals I had found. The Walmart lens was missing the function Nikon calls “VR” which just means that it reduced blur from camera shake/movement on the end of the picture taker. This is an important feature to me because I’m a klutzy person and not good at holding my hands still.

I’m still working on the functions because it’s been a long time since I’ve shot more than a point-and-shoot and this is my first time owning a digital SLR at all. Still, I want to share some of SAB’s work with you. Yes, it is SAB’s work, not mine. I am only the medium that Sebastian works through. These are his pictures. 😛

Peanut on the train.

Yes, this is an artsy picture of corn. (Watch out for a Baby-led Weaning post tomorrow on this)

Sebastian’s flash makes Peanut blink.

Peanut at the park.


3 thoughts on “Meet Sebastian Alexander Bartholomew III

  1. Awww, congratulations Claire! He’s beautiful. I’m assuming he was delivered via c-section. lol
    Okay seriously, congratulations on the new Nikon. I’m in love with mine but dying to upgrade to a 3000. Your photos are great! Have fun with it.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

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