My New House Mondays: Peanut’s Room

And now we head upstairs (we’ll hit the kitchen on the way back down)…

This is Peanut’s room!

Yeah, she’s missing a bed. Since we’re still co-sleeping, it’s not a big deal to us to get her a bed. It would be nice to get one for her to nap on though, so it’ll happen soon-ish. Even bedless, it’s really nice to have a room to keep all of her stuff rather than our room. Makes things much less crowded.

I’m also super proud of that rocking chair. We bought it second hand while I was pregnant for something like $30. It needed to be cleaned up, but that’s about it. Then after a few months of use it started making funny, annoying noises. Just recently, I had my father come over and help me with it and we tightened some bolts (which mostly fixed it) and then sawed off part that it was catching on. Just like new! People kept telling me to just throw it out and get a new one, but that seemed so wasteful. I’m happy that we fixed it, thereby eliminating trash in the landfills and keeping money in my pocket!

I really love these little elephants. Elephants are Peanut’s animal (get it? Peanut. Elephant. Ha!) so they’re everywhere in her room and she has a ton of elephant clothes, toys, etc. I made these elephants and letters (yes, her real name is Dea, not Peanut) when she was still inside of my tummy. I painted all of them myself and I loveses them.

This is one of Peanut’s toy boxes. The picture is a little cat and dog (because Peanut loves cats and dogs). It used to be my husband’s and when I found it in storage I immediately thought of Peanut. She squeals every time she sees it. Then the board above it is for collecting mementos. Also something we found in storage. Her first movie ticket (which is actually mine because I didn’t have to pay for her) is all that’s on there right now.

These are some cute little elephants I made from a DIY on Prudent Baby. I love making elephant things for Peanut so when I saw this I had to do it! The only change I made to her tutorial is that I starched them after I was done because they wanted to bend.

Lastly, here are some more elephant things along with her dresser and growth chart. I’m really happy we started keeping a growth chart. I wish we would have started earlier though. My only other project for the room besides getting a bed is painting the dresser. This is one that belonged to my husband’s grandma and it’s pretty hammered—especially on the top. I would like to paint it white. Possibly pink or green like the walls if I’m feeling daring.

Do any of you have way too much fun decorating children’s rooms? Am I the only crazy one who gave my child a theme of a specific animal? 😛

Edit: I realized I forgot to add a “before” picture. Here ya go!


3 thoughts on “My New House Mondays: Peanut’s Room

  1. Nope, not the only crazy one. Peeper’s room is all about the pandas, so people give her pandas all the time. She’s probably got 20 toy ones “in circulation” and I don’t think she’s ever been without at least one article of panda clothing.

    There’s a panda growth chart that I keep meaning to find again and buy for her. If I ever do, I will go back and fill in the previous measurements (from my notes on my blog, of course!).

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