My New House Mondays: Master Bed and Bath

This is the room we all sleep in! Don’t you love the fashionable curtains? Yeah, that’s the first thing I want to change. Here’s the before.

Peanut is trying to convince Daddy to wake up by sitting on him. He wouldn’t leave bed so I could take pictures. This is also a good view of our sun. I made it from the tutorial on Prudent Baby. It brings a nice amount of bright happiness into the dark dungeon of a room.

And here is the before. (that’s the inspector)

We decided to leave the closet doors off because they’re just a hassle. Yeah, we’re into being lazy. Some people may think it looks bad, but I think it looks better than the big wood doors. I would like to eventually get a new dresser because I’m not into “traditional” furniture (yeah, I watch HGTV). For now, free is good.

Here’s our half bath. It’s entirely different than before.

My husband and father ripped out the linoleum and replaced it with real tile. The sink (which was hanging and not very stable) was replaced with a pedestal sink by my sister-in-law. She also changed the toilet. Obviously we painted it. The colors are reversed from the bedroom so it makes the tiny half bath look bigger. We just need to stick the door back on (then we can take off the towel that’s keeping light out), then we’re done!


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