My New House Mondays: Magic Room

Happy Labor Day! I hope you’re all having as much fun with your day off as I am!

Also, we skipped the main bathroom (which is right outside of the master bedroom) because we haven’t touched it yet. Well, we’ve touched it obviously, but we haven’t renovated it. We’re doing it soon and I’ll include pictures of how it looks now as the “before” pictures. It’s just a little boring to only post before pictures. šŸ˜›

Yes, we this room is called the Magic Room. I’m not claiming that it’s magical (but who knows, maybe it is? ooo), but more that this room was created with playing Magic: The Gathering in mind. Yes, we’re nerds. Shouldn’t you know that already?

Anyway, it’s also my craft room and our guest room. This is the room that the hide-a-bed was supposed to go into. Since that obviously did not work out, we have a regular couch in there. Recently when our friend visited we borrowed an air mattress from my in-laws. Mostly friends just use it on the weekend as a place to hide from the toddler who wakes up 7am. Did you know that single 20-something boys don’t like waking up at 7am? Who knew?!

I think this one needs to start off with the “before” pictures just to show the pureĀ femininity of that room. I’m not trying to start a war about gender roles or anything. This room was just so girly. So grandma. If a boy chose this as his room, I’d have no problem with it (i.e. Our family room is pink. On purpose. Don’t worry, you’ll see that soon enough.). Personally, I have a uterus and this room still made me gag.


We didn’t want to get new carpet because of the money, so we searched out a color that we liked that didn’t clash with it.

This is the color we came up with. It’s very, very dark blue. I think it was called “midnight” or something like that. The camera doesn’t really give justice to how dark this color really is. We had a lot of issues with bleeding since the room color is so much darker than the trim (which is the same light grey that’s in the master bed/bath). I’m sure a big part of it was that this was the first room that we painted though.

Yes, we have the posters hung up by painters tape at the moment. Hanging pictures correctly is probably the last thing we have to do in this room.

Yeah, we’re pretty nerdy. Those are mostly Magic: The Gathering posters and what not that my husband has collected over the years. Those are also MechWarriors.

This room is also largely book and book-like-things storage. We have a lot of books and book-like-things between the two of us. I got this huge book shelf from Ikea for something around 70 dollars. Totally worth it. I love Ikea.

The coolest thing we (and by we, I mean my husband and father) did for this room was creating extra shelves in the closet. Obviously, we don’t plan on storing clothes in this closet. We do plan on storing Magic cards though. So they built two extra shelves for Magic cards and craft stuff. They also put them at the perfect height from the floor to fit my cello down thereā€”without me even asking. Aww.


3 thoughts on “My New House Mondays: Magic Room

  1. Hey

    I love reading your blog for the baby stuff and I’m also into real estate and renovations so BONUS. I just have one concern, and I’m not sure if you’ve thought about it!

    I may be totally paranoid but I’m worried about how many shots you post of your house, internal, external – it’s enough for anyone on the web to get an idea of exactly where you live and how your house is set up both inside and out. Combine that with the uber cute photos you post of yourself, and your family and I get an ikcy little voice in my head that says, what if someone horrible stumbles onto this blog and uses all of these photos to get into the house!

    I’m a mum to a ten month old and I was ALL OVER the interwebs with photos and blogs and so many details of my life, home and pregnancy before kid was born, but this paranoia made me kill a lot of my online stuff and made me much more private in some attempt to shield my home/baby from the world. So feel free to ignore, maybe I am just over the top!

    • Thanks for your concern.

      I’ve gone through the same thought process and basically just decided that since we don’t have any stalkers (that I know of) that we should be fine. I guess someone could find me on the internet and decide to come break into my house, but that seems like a lot of effort for very little reward. If we had stashes of gold and jewels I may not be advertising my house quite so much. Who knows?

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