I Washed My Hair

Yep, I washed my hair. Actually, I gave up on the whole “no poo” deal for a month or two. I got really tired of my hair always feeling greasy all over and decided that no poo and hard Utah water just don’t mix.

Then I figured out that hard water just sucks. Period.

After going back to my normal routine, I figured out I didn’t like how my hair felt then either! Actually, I liked it even less than when I was doing no poo. It would feel super clean and smooth (too much so actually, which is part of the reason why I decided to try no poo to begin with) and then it would—within a day—get to the point where it felt like I hadn’t showered for a week. It didn’t take long of me dealing with the unmanageably smooth/quickly gross hair to decide to give no poo another try.

This time though, I would arm myself with more knowledge!

I spent what seemed like forever searching the internet for something to help my hard water problem. In my prior attempt at no poo, I was just using baking soda and calling it good. I figured that I didn’t need a conditioner because part of my problem was that my hair was too conditioned. Turns out that the acidic side of the no poo does more than condition though. Heather at It’s All About the Hat told me (via Twitter me thinks?) that the acidity also helps take care of some of the mineral buildup from hard water!

I also found this blog that explained things much more thoroughly than I’ve found other places online. This is where it came to my attention that I could use something other than apple cider vinegar. I bought some apple cider vinegar, but to be honest I haven’t even opened it. I hate the smell of white vinegar so much that I don’t even want to test out ACV in my hair. If I have to go around smelling like vinegar, I’ll probably commit suicide.

But guess what? You just need something acidic! My drug of choice is lemon juice and oh boy does my hair smell good after I get out of the shower.

This lady also made me realize how well I should scrub my hair. I like it when things are spelled out to me exactly because I tend to not get little things like that.

So my system right now is two bottles that used to hold shampoo and conditioner. In the shampoo bottle is baking soda and water. I do more baking soda than the normally recommended 1 Tbsp to combat the slimy hair feeling. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how much I put in because I don’t measure or anything. In the conditioner bottle is lemon juice and water. Probably about the same ratio as the baking soda to water, maybe a little more.

I squirt the baking soda mixture over my wet hair and scrub really well. If I’m showering (as opposed to bathing), I’ll turn up the water a little to rinse my hair. Then I do the lemon mixture and I don’t scrub, but I do make sure I get it everywhere in my hair. I also rinse that hotter than normal if I’m showering. Then I’ll turn the water cooler than normal and rinse again (another thing recommended by that lady).

Then that’s that. I’m also washing my body with baking soda, washing my face with 1/2 baking soda and 1/2 honey, using baking soda as deodorant (and actually, I’d like to turn it into a stick instead of a powder by adding some coconut oil and corn starch sometime in the future), and I’m not using toothpaste at all (but still flossing and brushing my teeth obviously). Yeah, I’m a hippie.

The part that’s amazing to me is that if you look at me, you’d have no idea that I’m doing any of this. I don’t smell weird or look gross. My hair actually feels fantastic. I obviously don’t smell like lilacs or anything, but that’s not a bad thing in my opinion. I smell like a person. I smell like me. I’m pretty happy about it.

Last week I bleached my hair on bottom and then dyed it red (well, my mom did it after some pleading on my part). It was the first time that I washed my hair with shampoo in probably two months. Really, it didn’t do much of anything. My hair had that way-too-clean feeling for a day, but then when I went back to my no poo routine and things are golden.

Here’s a photo my new do. You can’t see it much, but there’s red on the bottom. I’m planning on doing some more soon because I want mooooore.


3 thoughts on “I Washed My Hair

  1. I’ve definitely done lemon juice, but I keep going back to ACV because of how cheap it is (because you know, lemon juice is the pinacle of costly.)

    I should do another no poo post. While our water isn’t the softest in the world, it’s definitely better than Utah. My hair is so happy!

  2. Hooray for you!!

    Using Lemon Juice instead of ACV will have the added benefit of helping to bleach your hair. That’s actually why I like using AVG, because I don’t want my hair bleached, I want to to be as dark as possible (but, also, I love the small of ACV. It smells like summer to me!)

  3. okay, you are convincing me. sometimes i just feel like the start up of something like this will take a lot of time, energy and thought (for a day) while tossing some crest in the shopping cart does not. . . i’ve been wanting to make my own toothpaste, deodorant and move to no poo, so i’m going to have to really gear myself up and get down to it 🙂

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