Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Sandwich Update

For some reason, this is all sandwiches/hamburgers end up:

I guess it’s a step up from entirely taking the sandwich apart like she used to? For whatever reason, she’s decided that all sandwiches must be opened. There was about a mili-second of time where she would actually take bites of a sandwich as a sandwich if I handed it to her, but it quickly turned into running away to go open the sandwich on the living room floor. Guess what Peanut? It’s peanut butter and jelly in there just like yesterday! Can you please just eat the sandwich? No, the whole sandwich! Don’t just lick the peanut butter off!

Needless to say, we now eat all sandwiches in the high chair.

Also, my child isn’t too hot about hamburger meat. The surprised the heck out of me earlier this week by eating only the meat in a hamburger, but other than that, she hardly touches the stuff. She’ll eat the veggies and the bun, but not the meat. This isn’t a phase either because she’s never really liked hamburger meat. After reading something on BabyCenter about children’s dislikes of food having more to do with texture than taste, it makes me wonder about the hamburger meat. Maybe she doesn’t like the texture of hamburger meat? It is pretty weird. Does anyone else’s baby-led weaner not like hamburger meat?

Finally, one more cute/ridiculous photo of Peanut eating her hamburger.


One thought on “Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Sandwich Update

  1. Gretta went through that will meat and chicken. Texture thing! She is now eating both but doesn’t love it. I’m sure it will pass with Dea too.

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