The New Addition

It’s a boy! Oh, wait, it’s fraternal twin boys! OMG!

Oh, did you think I meant human boys?

The orange one is Darwin and the gray one is Newton. Yes, we’re nerds. Did I need to convince you of this any more than I already have? We have a whole room for playing Magic: The Gathering (btw, look for more of the house project this Monday).

We decided to get a kitten because they’re cute, we like animals, Dea was hassling our very old cat a lot (who went back to live with Mema actually), and did I mention that they’re cute? We decided to get another one after reading why it’s better to get two kittens at once.

Of course it probably wasn’t smart to add more things to my plate, but when they’re such cute things to add, how can that be sad? They also keep Peanut pretty entertained so I can do homework for a while. When she got home from Mema’s today, she said “Hi kitty!” That’s two words together! W00t! We’re also hoping that getting them as kittens and having them grow up being molested by our toddler will make them more forgiving of her (and future children) than Cheyenne.

So kitties! Yay!


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