Peanut’s New Bed

A few weeks ago, I posted pictures of all the things we’ve done to Peanut’s room in our new house. One of the things I said that I still wanted to do was to get her a bed.

A mattress for Peanut was on the list of things to buy once we got our Homebuyer’s Tax Credit, but shortly after getting the money, my husband found out he was going to lose his job because the small business he was working for is shutting down, so spending went on hold. Luckily, the world—even in recession—is always in need of programmers. He started his new job on Monday, missing only one work day between one job ending and the other one beginning. Yay!

So now that we’re allowed to spend the money we had planned on spending again, we decided to get Peanut her mattress.

Oh boy, does she love it!

She loves to lay on her pillow (which we bought mostly for me while I’m nursing her to sleep) and read books. She thinks it’s cool to walk around on the bed. She actually cuddles me—without nursing!—a little bit while laying on it. I’m thoroughly happy that we bought it for her.

We still co-sleep, but she goes into her bed for the times that she would normally be alone in ours. This mostly equates to naps and from the time she goes to bed until the time I do. It’s really nice to have her in her own room and bed while I’m still awake.

This means I can put away laundry while she’s napping, I can get changed without worrying of waking her, and gasp! I can do “unspeakable things” in my own bed! What a thought!

It’s also nice that we’re actually using her room. Yeah, we still put stuff in there before the bed, but we didn’t actually hang out in there or anything. Now I rock her in the rocking chair when she doesn’t want to sleep. We read books on her bed before she goes to sleep. She even goes into her room to play with toys more often now.

For reading all that common-sense nonsense, I’ll reward you with a cute picture of Daddy and Peanut reading on her bed.


4 thoughts on “Peanut’s New Bed

  1. cute! did you get her sheets at Target? I have rainbow ones that look exactly like hers hah

  2. Would you mind blogging more about Co-sleeping? I’m so curious to know the details of how other families do it. You say at night you put her down and then stay up until your bedtime? How does that work?

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