Newsletter—19 Months


You’re such a toddler! It seems like every day you’re making leaping bounds away from baby-hood, which obviously comes with good things and with bad. Let’s start with the good.

First off, you’re talking like crazy! It’s amazing! You’re still pretty shy out in public, but when you’re at home or either of your grandparents’ houses, you’re chattering constantly. We can only make out every few words, but even when it doesn’t make sense to us it’s still pretty obvious that you know what you’re talking about. I’ve been keeping a list of all of the words I can think of that you know and you know a whopping 25 words! I realize this is kind of tedious, but I’m going to tell you all of them just for the record: hi (which you’ll now say to everyone out in public), bye (usually bye-bye repeated a ton of times), Mama, Dada, Yeah!, Uh-oh (when you drop something on accident or on purpose), kitty (often in the combination of Hi kitty!!! while bending down so you’re eye level with the kittens), dog, owwie (which you actually say when you’re hurt. Like when you get a sticker in your foot you just start yelling “Owwie owwie owwie!!” and limping over to me. So cute!), baby (which you think every miniature human is a baby even if they’re bigger than you), up (“up up up!” while bouncing and holding onto someone’s legs so they’ll pick you up), mine (when you want something or if you drop your food and the dog goes for it), please (always while signing please at the same time), I want (when you really want something!), Niki (that’s Mema’s dog. She says you follow the dog around saying “Hi Niki!”), Idella (squeed’s name), Mema (which sounds almost like Mama), Yo (when you want Yo Gabba Gabba), ball, yucky (usually saying it with me when I want you to throw something away), again (when you want to go on the slide again), tomato (Mema says you say that when you want to go pick things in her garden), I love you, banana (more like “ba!”), milk (more like “ma!”).

Wow! So many words! Sorry to the readers that just had to read (or skip) that list. It was mostly a memory thing.

Anywho, you also jump! You’ve been trying to for months and you could always bounce, but your feet actually leave the ground now! Sure, only like a centimeter off the ground, but they leave the ground! Who ever thought that I would be so excited about my child being able to jump?

This next one is kind of a good and bad thing. We adopted two kittens this last month and you love them so much! It’s incredibly cute your adoration for these kittens, but it’s also incredibly stressful at times. They’re only about 10 weeks old now (we’ve had the for a couple weeks) so they’re still really fragile. You, being a 19-month old, don’t really get that. So these kittens are being picked up by their necks and grabbed by their fur. Thrown not-so-gently down when Mama asks you to set them down. We’re trying to monitor your time spent around the kittens and explain to you when you need to be more gentle, but I can tell it’s going to be a long process. At least the kittens don’t seem to mind most of the time and at least we know that these kittens will be very much used to people when they’re older.

The last thing is your tantrums. If anything, and I mean anything doesn’t go your way, you start screaming bloody murder. You’ve always been a very willful child, but wow I wasn’t aware a child could be so easily set off. I can’t watch your show right now? Scream. Can’t get the block into the hole? Scream. Can’t leave the room when it’s bedtime? Scream for 30 minutes straight. Yeah, that last one was a fun night. You wouldn’t let me touch you at all, you didn’t want to read, cuddle, or nurse. I mean really? You didn’t want to nurse? Who’s child is this? It puts Mama at a loss when she doesn’t even have milk to comfort you. I mean seriously, I don’t know what to do when you refuse milk.

So for now we’re just letting you go through your tantrum until you’re finished. I figure it’s healthy to express your anger and I can’t expect a toddler to hold that kind of stuff in. When you’re tantruming for more than a minute, I try to comfort you a bit and tell you it’s alright to get your anger out, but you usually don’t let me. I think when you’re that angry you just don’t want to be touched, which is also alright.

This is a picture of you trying to cuddle with Newton.

This one is you and “Baby” sitting on chairs together.

Love ya Pea-nut!


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