Boba Review

I. Absolutely. Love. My. Boba!!!

That’s it. Review fin. Alright, I guess I can elaborate. 😛

I’ve wanted a Boba carrier for a long time. A friend of mine had one and kept telling me how great it was for back carries, but I kept putting it off. Truth be told, they’re kind of spendy and being a young, one income family, money is tight around here. I tried a mei tai, but it wasn’t very comfortable. I tried a back carry in my SleepyWrap, but it didn’t feel as secure as I’d like. So when I was given the opportunity to review an organic Boba Carrier for my blog, I was estatic.

Having already done back carries with the mei tai, it wasn’t difficult at all to get Peanut on my back. Actually, now that I’m used to it I’d say it’s the easiest carrier to put on out of all five we own. Right at the same time that the Boba arrived in the mail, Peanut was having some major issues with falling to sleep at night. With me starting school full-time, she’s been really up and down with naps and night time sleep. So I decided that I would start getting her into a nighttime schedule again and since it was the end of a nice summer, that schedule would include a walk.

She fell asleep before I even made it around the block.

Oh my goodness this thing could work miracles! She was excited to get into the carrier and fell asleep on my back every night for a week. I did have to have my husband help me get her out, but it was great! Sadly, the weather started getting cold quickly and she stopped falling asleep in the carrier, but Peanut’s Mema has gotten her to sleep multiple times on her back for naps while I’m in class and I’ve done it for naptime too. One time when she wouldn’t sleep and we were at my in-law’s, I took her for a walk around the block, then came back and just walked around the house like normal until we decided to leave. I kind of have to walk awkwardly with her head on my back until I put the hood over her head, then I can walk entirely normal! It just feels like I have a backpack on my back and it’s not even as heavy as the one with all my books!

Speaking of Mema wearing Peanut, this is the first carrier we’ve owned that anyone—including my husband—has used besides me! And I’ve gotten three people to use it! And they all liked it! It’s amazing how easily this carrier can be switched from one person to another. All three of these people just watched me put Peanut in a couple times, then did it. Minus figuring out how to balance a toddler on your back, really zero learning curve. Daddy has even gotten Peanut to sleep in it!

This carrier has quickly become my favorite. We bring it everywhere we go and Peanut stays happy in it for extended periods of time walking around Target or the grocery store. It’s easy to put on where ever we’re at and easy to get her out of if she wants to walk. I’m excited to use it with future children when they’re younger because I think it would be super convenient during that age where you aren’t allowed to set them down to make dinner, but they’re old enough to grab things if they’re on your front. I’ve also worn my friend’s daughter (and my friend has worn her daughter in it too) in it who is 3.5 years old and about 35 lbs, and while she’s definitely heavier in it, it’s really not bad at all and she loves it too! If I would have known how much I would absolutely adore this thing, I would have definitely spent the money on it a long time ago!

But you don’t have to spend the full price! Use the code “Adventures” and you get 10% off of your Boba order until (approximately) the end of November! Hurry up and get one!


3 thoughts on “Boba Review

  1. I keep hearing good things about this carrier but I just haven’t made the leap to buy it. It’s hard to justify because I love my mei tai and use it all the time, so do I really need another carrier? Tempting though…

  2. I’m jealous!

    I can get Charlotte to sleep in the Ergo, but only doing a front carry. When she’s on my back, she tries to lay her head on me, but she can’t get comfortable. I think it’s because she sags too much on my back. The Boba looks like a more secure fit.

    I definitely can’t afford it now, but maybe I can justify it if/when we have another one.

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