Newsletter—21 Months

Hiya Peanut,

Sorry—once again—for skipping your newsletter last month. School was really hectic because I tried to go back full-time, but that won’t happen again. It was horrible trying to juggle school, the new house, and of course, you Miss Peanut.

So over the last couple months, a lot of things have happened. We put down Kerrigan. We talked with the vet and decided that it was safer for you if she wasn’t in our house and that she probably wouldn’t get any better in a different house because her aggression was likely caused by a brain abnormality. You didn’t go with us to put her down because it seemed like the best thing. You asked me a few times where she was, but quickly forgot. Once after getting our new puppy, you told me dog is in the backyard (that’s where Kerri spent a lot of her time) and puppy is in the house. It almost made me cry.

As I already mentioned, we got a new puppy. Her name is Curie and you’re in love with her. Seriously, you get upset if we have to leave the house without her—which I will admit doesn’t happen often. She’s become our little friend who we take everywhere with us. You love to play with her, but we’re trying to get you not to play chase with her anymore because her trainer said that’s bad. Makes me sad that we have to make you stop because you get so excited to have Curie chase you around!

You’ve also become super talkative over the last couple of months. You went from one word just to symbolize what you wanted/needed to full-blown talking. You don’t do full sentences, but you’ll say the verb and pronoun of a sentence (Mama owwie!) or even ask me questions (Why baby cry?). You also started just telling me things for the sake of telling me things. Like you’ll tell me that “puppy pee”. You tell me it’s raining. You ask me why the baby in the store is crying. You have so many words—and some of them are so random—now that I’ve lost track of them. It’s seriously amazing. Also, there is 1 of everything and everything is “rerow” (yellow).

You’ve also turned into a monster. I know that I keep saying this, but I’m amazed at the malice you have sometimes. Like the other day when you were trying to feed Curie your bagel. It was really tormenting that little dog because I wasn’t letting her get it, but you kept putting it almost in her reach. I told you to stop, you ignored me. I told you to stop or I’d take it away, you looked right at me while you were doing it. I took it away and you cried a lot. I told you you could have it back if you didn’t give it to the dog, you said “yeah!”. I give it to you, you try to give it to the dog. I throw it away. You have a bigger fit. This happens constantly. Also, if I tell you not to do something and then stop paying attention, you call “Mama!” while you’re doing it because you want me to see you disobeying. Malice!

Christmas is 5 days away. Last year, you were obviously alive and aware, but I don’t think you really understood Christmas. This year, you’ve been helping me change the candy cane in the countdown until Christmas. You made everyone gifts (with a lot of help). You absolutely adore Christmas lights on houses. I did make the mistake of taking you with me to get your Christmas gifts. I think it would have been fine if you hadn’t seen the little shopping cart. You had an absolute fit that you couldn’t have it to play with then and there. I hid it in my trunk and then, of course, you saw it again and had another fit.

And now some pictures!

Puppy was chewing on something, so you decided to chew on something too.

You were very proud of your "traffic jam" you made.


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