Happy New Year

Peanut and Daddy at the Treehouse Museum's New Years countdown to noon.

Happy 2011 everyone! Personally, I am very excited for the future months to come of constantly crossing out the 2010 I accidentally write and writing the correct year off to the side. Maybe my resolution should be to only write with pencils. Who I am I kidding? I don’t believe in resolutions. Even tiny ones like writing with pencils. Resolution is just another word for something that’s likely way out of your comfort zone or the realm of possibility that you’re just going to get upset over having failed at come March. We all know how I hate setting people up to fail—our system does it every day with new moms that don’t get enough help breastfeeding!

I do have some goals for the new year though and since this is my blog and what not, you all get to deal with my listing them off. 😛

1. Be a happy mama. There have been a lot of times over these past few months that I’ve been just a plain old mean/sad/grumpy/etc. mama. I’ve been better with it since the semester ended, but even with going to school part-time instead of full, I’m afraid that mean mama will come back. So I’m making an effort to watch myself and make sure that I don’t become grumpy mama again. I think it will be easier with having two weekdays off of school completely too. Last semester we couldn’t do any of the activities we used to do such as story time, La Leche League, and Music Together during the morning or afternoon, so if we did do them it was during Peanut’s grouchy evening time. Recipe for pulling-her-hair-out mama much?

2. Pass all of my classes with flying colors. This last semester was the first time I failed a class. Alright, I didn’t technically fail because I did get a D, but it’s failing for me because I have to retake it and get at least a C. I’m just not that student and have never been, so it was a big deal to me. So I definitely don’t want it to happen again. I think the part-time-ness will help here too.

3. Get ready for another little Lactating Girl (or Boy!). First off, no, I’m not telling you when. All I’m going to say is that the current plan is that we get pregnant in this next year. Last time around (since Peanut was a surprise pregnancy), I didn’t get to do all of the pre-pregnancy stuff. This time, I’m going to try my darnest to be ready for pregnancy before I’m there. One major thing incorporated in this is… dun dun dun… going to the gym. I’m not a high enough BMI that I’m more likely to have issues with getting pregnant, but I am in the overweight category. So prior to conceiving I would like to get down into the normal range of BMI. Mostly though, I just want to develop the habit so I can keep going during pregnancy and beyond. I’ve had 4 different people over the last month ask when I was due and it’s because I hold all my weight in my tummy (and I gained some weight over that stressful semester). I think that if I don’t have as much as a tummy before getting pregnant, it’ll be easier to shed the pregnancy pounds afterward.

4. Keep up with housework. I’ve been surprisingly good in this area lately and I just want to keep up with it. When I start a load of laundry, I follow it to finish. No more clothes being re-washed the next day because they’re stinky in the washer. No more wrinkly clothes from them sitting in the hamper waiting to be folded. No more husband searching through the hamper of folded clothes for something and me having to re-fold half of it. This new ability I’m developing needs to extend to dishes and vacuuming over the next year. I’ve always been good with picking things up (so long as I’m not over-stressed), but laundry, dishes, and vacuuming have always been my enemy. I’m convinced it’s because no matter how much you do of any of them, there’s always more to do.

So I think those are all of my major goals for the year. I suppose I should throw in something about being a better wife, but I think I’m pretty excellent in that department. Well, maybe just sufficient. 😛

Do any of you have goals for the new year? Have a wonderful 2011!


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