Revised Silent Night

I know that it’s a bit past the holiday season, but you could sing this song any time of year so I decided to post it.

As I’ve already posted about, I’m an atheist. I also love Christmas. I know that it’s kind of backwards to celebrate the supposed birth of Christ, but my logic is that Christmas is more about love, giving gifts, and spending time with family. As with every holiday, I spent the month or so before to try to teach the concept to Peanut. We did a countdown to Christmas. We read lots of children’s books about Christmas (which of course Mama had to read ahead of time to approve). We watched classic Christmas movies. And of course, of course, we sang lots of carols.

There are good ones to choose from without religion mentioned of course. Also, if there was only a brief mention I figured it was alright. We also sung songs that were pertaining to other religions such as the dradle song. One song that made me sad all winter was Silent Night.

Silent Night has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs. I love singing it as a lullaby and did sing it to Peanut most of the season. Then, suddenly, I realized I could change the words to make it non-religious. Quickly in the process of coming up with new words, I realized that I could do even more and give it an attachment parenting theme! So here it is:

Silent night, beautiful night

All is calm, all is bright

Sleeping peacefully mother and child

Sheltered infant so tender and mild

Eat in comforting peace

Sleep in nourished peace

See! It’s about co-sleeping and breastfeeding in the middle of the night! Yay!


4 thoughts on “Revised Silent Night

  1. So, I have a question: Did you change the words because you liked your words better, or because singing the traditional words made you feel uncomfortable?

    I tell my LO “This little Piggy had roast beef” even though I’m a vegetarian. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable, should it? Because it’s not something I believe in?

    • The words didn’t make me uncomfortable, but I just don’t see the point in singing a song to her that’s about something I don’t believe in. I wouldn’t want her growing up thinking that our family believes in God when we don’t and I don’t like the idea of “teaching” her religious values that we don’t have.

      I think it’s different to say “this little piggy ate roast beef” because you’re not teaching that roast beef is an important part of your life and what you believe, but rather than pigs eat roast beef. If it doesn’t bother you, then cool. If it did bother you, I wouldn’t see any harm in “this little piggy ate oranges” or something along that line.

      • I like that! Maybe it will encourage her to eat oranges!

        Maybe you change the words because you are so good at coming up with awesome lyrics!

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