Newsletter-22 Months

Hiya Peanut,

Oh boy, we’ve had an eventful month!

First off, there was Christmas. You LOVED Christmas. Honestly, you mostly loved unwrapping the gifts. You were meticulous in making sure you got Every. Single. Piece. of wrapping paper off. Of course, you were tremendously spoiled. Is anyone surprised? You love your new kitchen and play with it daily. Of course you also love the shopping cart you had fits about.

{Too} shortly after Christmas, Mama started school again. Last semester was a huge battle for the first few weeks where you simultaneously clung to me constantly while absolutely hating my guts. This semester I’m going part-time again an you’re loving it. Going over to one of your grandparents’ houses a couple times a week seems to suit you fine. I worked out my schedule so I’d have time between classes to do homework, so most of my time at home is homework-free. I also was able to mostly figure my schedule around a reasonable nap time, so I think that helps you stay cheerful.

Of course, in the second week of Mama’s school, we all got the flu. It was the first time you’d really had a cough and you weren’t a happy camper. Luckily, Mama got sick before you and gave you some immunities, so you didn’t get nearly as sick as Mama. Also luckily we’re still nursing because it was the only think you’d eat for a while and it kept you busy while Mama hung out on the couch.

Lastly, we started watching Squeed once a week while her Mommy is in a night class. We’ve only watched her once so far, but you were thoroughly happy about it. Of course you both had troubles sharing (especially with the immensely coveted shopping cart), but that’s to be expected. I’m sure you’ll both get better with time. Hopefully this will help teach you some patience for when you get a new brother or sister.

Of course, you still have a mind of your own. You’re quite demanding. The other day you wanted cereal for dinner. Daddy told you we don’t have any milk, so you slapped him on the face and said “No! Cereal.” It was so hard not to laugh! You’re still obsessed with all forms of transit. You love taking the train to music class and you love your music class. You have great tone!

Mama loves you so much. You’re such a cute little tiny human.



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