Valentine’s Day Craft

Still looking for something cute for your toddler to give loved ones for Valentine’s Day? Hop over to Strings to Things (a new blog I’m loving that I found thanks to the Carnival of Natural Parenting) for an explanation of how to make these cute toddler Valentine’s Day cards.

Peanut coloring the coffee filters.

Peanut getting thoroughly upset that she had to color the coffee filters before she could "paint" them.

Yay painting!

End product.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day Craft

  1. Hi Lactating Girl!
    Thankyou for your comment at Jazzy Mama. I look forward to reading about your experiences as Peanut starts to wean if/when/before you try for a second baby. Your life with your daughter sounds awesome and inspiring.

    I love the way you describe yourself and the overall tone and theme of your blog. And I love the way the Carnival brings so many of us into each other’s blogs–we’re all at different stages and coming from different circumstances but we can appreciate where each mommy is coming from. I enjoyed what I’ve read here and I can say I’ll be back. 🙂

    (You don’t need to publish this comment–I wasn’t sure how else to contact you.)

    Warmly, Patti

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