Utah Has a Milk Bank Donation Site

Took you long enough.

Considering Utah had the highest birth rate in 2006, we certainly should have gotten one sooner. Then again, we also should have more than one baby-friendly hospital in the whole state too, but doubt that’s going to happen.

Either way, this is a great thing. All milk will still be shipped to Colorado for processing, but at least this takes away a big {money} barrier for Utah moms who want to donate milk. I will certainly keep this in mind if I have an over-supply with my next baby.

If you’re interested, you’ll still need to be approved through the Colorado milk bank. If you happen to have an over-supply or lots of extra milk left in your freezer, I urge you to consider donating it. Ideally all babies who’s moms couldn’t breastfeed them would receive donated milk, but right now getting milk requires a prescription and is quite spendy. Maybe if moms donate more milk, all babies will get breast milk some day.

Here’s an article in the Salt Lake Tribune about the milk bank donation site and a press release posted to the La Leche League of Salt Lake City’s blog for more information.


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