Newsletter — 23 Months


Can you believe that next month you’ll be 2? I certainly can’t. You certainly do act “like a two year old”, but it’s still hard to believe that it’s been two whole years since you were born. You’re such a big girl already! You are continuing to be an absolute blabber mouth. Most of the time you’re chatting constantly. I can’t understand a lot of it, but you’re certainly making sure that we hear you! Of the stuff I can understand, you’re saying full sentences. Even when I can’t understand you, you’re still saying full sentences!

You absolutely love your Music Together class. You love singing the songs in the car, you love going to class and dancing, and you especially love when I make up new lyrics to songs. We sing “Dea wore lotion on her arm, on her arm, on her arm…” to the tune of Mary Wore a Red Dress at night when putting on {you guessed it!} your lotion.

You’re also really into babies. Out of all of your stuffed animals that we got rid of one that I knew we had to keep was your puppy. For whatever reason, your puppy is a baby. You have done everything from making mama make a diaper for puppy (so you’d stop stealing yours to put on puppy) to making mama nurse puppy to pushing puppy around in your little play stroller. You still love your baby, but puppy seems to be used for the same function  now.

Speaking of puppies, you actually understand how to play with Curie now. Well, for the most part. You still occasionally try to just run away with her rope rather than playing tug-o-war. You also think she’s trying to tickle you when you put your head on the floor and she stiffs you. You think it’s hillarious!

Love ya,



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