Newsletter – 24 Months

Hello Little Miss,

I can’t believe that you are 2 years old. 2 years! Thinking back through this last year, I sometimes find it hard to believe that you are the same child you were then. You’re so much bigger. You’re so much less of a baby. You’re so much a tiny human!

Peanut eating her birthday cake 1 year ago.

You’ve taken huge strides in talking. A year ago, you were barely starting to sign. Now, sadly, you don’t even remember most of the signs. You barely stopped signing please every time you said it and that makes me sad. I was hoping that you would continue with signing and it would become a second language for you, but for now you’re running full force into speaking.

Peanut passed out nursing at 16 months.

Speaking of speaking, you’re an amazing little talker. I lost track of how many words you know months ago because you’re showing me multiple new ones every day. Sometimes I am absolutely surprised by the words that you do know. You use tenses (sometimes you say the kitty is “pur-hing” like it’s two syllables) and you even know some letters. Today you pointed to daddy’s shirt and told him he had an O. We asked you what other ones you knew and you pointed to the S and said “sss”. Wow, child, just wow.

Peanut passed out on Daddy's back at 18 months.

Of course with this being a blog about breastfeeding, I do have to mention how that’s changed. You still nurse and sometimes it feels like it’s a ton, but you’re much less reliant on it now. I thought we’d never get to the point where you didn’t nurse to sleep every night, but now-a-days you don’t nurse to sleep most nights. You don’t nurse during the night at all anymore. You either nurse and then unlatch and cuddle to sleep or you nurse and want either me or daddy to read to you until you fall asleep.

21 month old Peanut and Daddy at lunch on Christmas Eve.

You love to read Cat in the Hat. You call him “Cat Hat”. It’s almost like Pavlov’s dogs how you are ready to pass out the second we start reading that book. You love Dr. Seuss in general. You also love Clifford the Big Red Dog. Really, you love to read anything. I hope that you keep that love throughout your life. Nothing can replace a good book.

Peanut wearing Daddy's shirt at 24 months

You still love to dance, but now you love to sing too. We’ve taken Music Together for a while now and have just decided to stop, which is bitter-sweet. It’s just simply too far to drive every week and on top of that pretty expensive. You love music and you sing, but we will continue to sing at home. You absolutely love singing Marry You as sung by the cast of Glee. It is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. You sing “no no no no no” and “yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah” and “go go go go go” and hold out all of the long notes. You even try to jabber along with the rest of the lyrics sometimes.

Peanut at the park at 24 months.

Along with no longer taking our music class, we decided to start you in tumbling. We just joined My Gym and you loved your first class. We took a tumbling class in the past and you showed everyone your new flip and roll for weeks. I’m certain that you’ll continue to enjoy this class and I hope that you grow to be a happily physically active adult.

Daddy, Mama, and 17 month old Peanut at a BBQ at home.

Sweetheart, I love you so much. You have done so many things to make my life better since entering this world. I could not have hoped for a better, more awesome little girl than you. The fact that you’re two simultaneously makes me feel like crying in sadness and delight. I am so excited to continue to watch you grow and develop into a wonderful human being.

Love, Mama


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