Peanut’s Birthday

Peanut has been 2 years old for 2 weeks. Weirdly enough, we haven’t finished her birthday celebration, but we certainly started. Her birthday fell on a Sunday this year and we already visit family for lunch and dinner on Sundays, so we just continued as normal with some extra birthday pizzazz.

Peanut woke up early and made Daddy cuddle with her on the couch while she watched Super Why.

Mama made Peanut birthday breakfast scones. Mmm...

Peanut opened her gift and handed Every. Single. Little. Piece. Of. Paper. to daddy as she did so.

Peanut was pretty thoroughly happy about her tea set. It sings "I'm a little teapot" when you tip up the teapot!

Then of course she had to have some tea.

And Daddy needs tea too!

Then we went over to Oma and Opa's house for lunch.

Oma and Opa got her a bike!!! (along with some books and coloring books)

Uncle Jason and Aunt Sabrina gave Peanut some cute clothes. I told her to hold them up to her like she was wearing them. She didn't understand. 😛

Peanut got a whole cupcake to herself!

Peanut, Opa, and Oma

Then we went over to Boompa's, Great-Grandpa's, and Great-Grandma's house. She got LOTS of books!

Mama, Peanut, Boompa, and Great-Grandpa

Then we went to dinner at Mema's and Pop Pop's.

Peanut got letter, number, and color cards and another book!

Peanut got a happy birthday brownie cake!

And she blew out the candle almost all by herself!

As I discussed in this post, we’re trying to minimalise around our house. In light of this fact, we asked everyone to limit their birthday gifts and to put money into her college saving fund more than anything. Big thanks to everyone for adding to her account! At this rate, she’ll have plenty for college!

We still haven’t done our family celebration. We decided not to do a big party with friends this year. Figured time could be better spent out doing something fun as a family. I’ll do another post later on our trip to (hopefully if the weather agrees with us) the zoo. Seems like a great place to go because she loved going there for her birthday last year!


4 thoughts on “Peanut’s Birthday

  1. Hi,

    Your daughter is adorable, I hope she had a wonderful day.

    I cannot believe how fast she is growing, it seems like yesterday since I started reading your blog and she was 8 months old.

    Kind Regards, Sarah.

    • Thank you so much! I’m so happy to hear that I have long-term followers! I, too, can not believe how fast she is growing! When I was writing this post I looked back to her first birthday post and it made me want to cry.

  2. Happy 2nd birthday to Peanut! Looks like she’s surrounded by a huge family that loves her. 🙂 I think it’s so sweet that you and Peanut have the same smile. And your husband’s Stewie pajama pants? Love them! lol
    Peanut’s getting cuter and cuter with each post. I haven’t been around to comment lately, but I’ve receiving email updates from your blog since forever. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

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