In Praise of the MDC

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I know most of you that read my blog have probably already heard of, but I decided to give a shout out.

I was pretty devastated when they announced that Mothering magazine was no longer going to be published. That is my absolutely favorite magazine and I am deeply sad that I will no longer receive it. Thankfully, I can still read back issues and get information and new ideas from there. Also thankfully, their site will continue running full speed.

This of course includes articles, but most importantly in my eyes, it includes the mothering dot community forums. I love visiting these forums and have since before Peanut was born. It’s a great place to get quick answers from like-minded moms. When I have a question, I can go there and post it and within 24 hours have multiple responses that don’t try to solve my problem with anti-attachment parenting ideas like sleep training, weaning, or other things I’m not keen on.

Beyond answers though, there’s also a great place for connecting with people. I’ve met people in person that I’ve talked to on the forums (yay for tribes based on location!). I’ve talked with other moms in similar places emotionally and mentally (personally, I’ve gotten a lot of support in the Wanting but Waiting thread). I’ve helped moms with breastfeeding issues. It’s truly amazing how much you can do in a simple post. Ideas you would have never thought of, support the people around you don’t know how to give, simply relating to someone when it’s difficult to find someone in your situation in the real world. The internet is a great thing.

I urge all of you to check out the forums. Whether you are a future mama, have toddlers or teenagers, or even if you’re a grandparent. There’s something on there for everyone. Not to mention you may find out some things about me that I don’t mention on the blog. ;-P


3 thoughts on “In Praise of the MDC

  1. Nice post. Yes, community forums are great places to find information, and even just commiseration and/or fellowship. The Internet is full of resources for parents.

  2. Thank you for writing about MDC. I also am in mourning a bit over the end of Mothering magazine. But, MDC has been a huge resource for me as well. I honestly don’t think I would have survived after my stillbirth if not for the support on the pregnancy & birth loss boards. They really got it in a way that no one in my real life could. I’m grateful that I found my way there long before my stillbirth because I may not have known it would be a safe haven. I found MDC as I learned about crunchy parenting while pregnant with my first baby, which seems oh so long ago.

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