Some Random Links

Hello All! It’s finals week around here, so I don’t have time to write my own posts, but here are some articles I’ve read over the last few days that I think I should share with you all. I also decided to try to potty train again and give Peanut a real shot to get it. Not the best idea with finals coming up. :-/

We already knew that breastfed babies had a lower risk of SIDS, but now this new study finds there is an actual component in infant formula that increases the risk of SIDS.

How we word things as breastfeeding advocates is very important. There’s always the risk of offending a mom who didn’t breastfeed or didn’t breastfeed as long as she would have liked. This article goes over another aspect of watching your language. It’s about watching your language to normalize breastfeeding.

I’ve already linked this article in a past post, but I think it’s important that everyone reads it so I’m linking it again. Infant formula companies boast that they have DHA and ARA in their formulas. They make the consumer pay more to have these nutrients in the formula. The formula companies, of course, don’t tell the consumer that this extra nutrient (in the form it is in the formula) can cause diarrhea and even death.

Have you come across any interesting articles lately? Feel free to post them in the comments! 

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