Newsletter—25 Months


Oh my goodness, the terrible twos! Dun dun dun. Actually, I have noticed a difference. Not necessarily always terrible, but you’re certainly full of it. You’re really into running away from Mama and Daddy when we’re trying to get you dressed. You think it’s hilarious. You just run away giggling your head off and hide while continuing to giggle your head off. Yeah, you’re not too good at hiding yet. You also think it’s funny to play “keep away” when we’re trying to get your legs in your pants or things like that. I guess it’s really my fault in the end because we used to play games so you wouldn’t hate getting dressed. Now you’re just big enough to really play those games.

Your full-of-it-ness has also resulted in some pretty amusing stuff. Case in point:



(gotta love how she gets distracted with her own reflection at the end of this one)

You’ve also suddenly found out what the word “mad” means. You think it’s pretty funny to tell everyone that you’re mad at them. You cross your arms and make a “mad face” and say you’re mad at people. Of course, you do understand that you’re pretending. I got a pretty funny video of you telling me you were mad at everyone on Mama’s side of the family:


You’re also talking even better than before. I’m seriously amazed with your talking skills on a regular basis. Now you mostly talk in 3 word sentences. You’re telling us what to do “Scoot me in” (referring to your chair) and asking us “what you doing?” generally followed by “why?” You love talking on the phone with anyone who will listen. Really, you just love to talk in general it seems. It’s like you figured it out and now you have to get out all of the words you were building up for so long! You’re never going to shut up (and I think I’m actually pretty happy about that!)


Love, Mama

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