Home Birth Midwife Interview Questions

Today we’re meeting with a home birth midwife to see if we want to go with her. She told me to bring questions, so I took it to heart. I doubt I’ll ask every one of these any many will be covered in the answers of others, but here’s my list:

Regarding her:
What is your philosophy of midwifery care, pregnancy, and birth?
How many births have you attended?
Are you available 24 hours a day at all times?
How many clients do you generally have due in a 4 week period?
What is the plan if I go into labor while you’re with another laboring client?
What is the plan if you are sick or on vacation?
Have you ever missed a birth? If so, what was the circumstance?
Have you ever lost a mother or baby? If so, what was the circumstance?
Do you have any assistants you bring to the labor? If so, how many?
Do you visit my home at any point before labor?
Are you allergic to animals?
What things do you bring with you to a birth?
Do you file with insurance? Do you have any experience with BCBS?
What days and times are you in the Ogden office for appointments?

Regarding prenatal care:
What are your expectations of the pregnant couple?
Do you require that your clients read/watch/listen to any specific materials?
Do you require that your clients take a birthing class?
What do your prenatal check-ups consist of?
What nutrition/weight gain protocols do you follow?
What are your thoughts on a client refusing certain standard prenatal testing? (e.g. ultrasounds, blood sugar testing, etc.)
Are there any specific tests that you require?
What is your plan of action for a baby that is posterior/breech? Do you turn them? Deliver them?
What is your plan of action for group B strep positive mothers?

Regarding birth:
Here is the birth plan from my daughter’s birth, is there anything on here that you disagree with?
At what point in the labor will you come to assist me in my home?
What do you see as your role in the labor?
What do you see as your role in the birth?
What are your thoughts on the husband having a very active role in the labor and birth?
What are your thoughts about children attending births?
Do you have any limits on the number of people that can attend the birth?
What is your approach if a labor is progressing slowly?
How often do you listen to a baby during labor?
How often do you check the mother’s dilation during labor?
How often do you preform episiotomies?
What percentage of your clients tear? What is your protocol to prevent tearing?
What are your thoughts on waiting to clamp the cord?
How long will you wait for a placenta to be delivered?
Do you help with clean up?
How long do you stay after birth?

Regarding emergencies:
What is your definition of high risk?
How do you handle hemorrhage?
How do you handle preeclampsia?
Under what circumstances do you recommend inducing labor?
Do you allow a mother to go past 42 weeks and still have a home birth?
Who do you prefer to work with as obstetrician back-up?
What is your preferred hospital to transfer to?
Under what circumstances do you consider transferring to a hospital?
What is your hospital transfer rate? Does this include mothers who transfer before labor?
What is your plan of action if a transfer occurs?
What is your c-section rate?

What are your opinions on having a professional photographer at the birth?
How do I obtain a birth certificate?
Do you come visit me at home after the baby is born?
How often do you come to see me and the baby (or we come see you) after the birth?
What do these visits consist of?
Do you check the baby during these visits?
Do you do the required newborn screening blood tests?
What are your thoughts on the vitamin K shot and ANTIBIOTIC EYES?
How soon after birth do I need to take the baby to a pediatrician?
Are you a certified lactation consultant? If not, do you have one you recommend to come visit after the birth?


13 thoughts on “Home Birth Midwife Interview Questions

  1. I interviewed three midwifes before I found the one I liked. I found my questions to be good conversation starters and really nothing more. I just didn’t “fit” with the first three, but as soon as Melissa walked in, I knew she was what i was looking for. The most important thing to me was that my midwife supported in me in doing my thing, if I felt I was going to but heads with her at all, I just didn’t want her there, no matter what her philosophy of midwifery care, pregnancy, and birth was. But, of course, those questions are a huge help.

    Years ago when I met you at the breastfeeding cafe, I gave you the name of the midwife I used, Melissa. Are you meeting with her? She is AWESOME. I can’t even tell you what an awesome job she did for me.

    If you want her info email me at bannanachild at gmail.

    • I’m actually going with Chris Miller. Is that the Melissa that’s her partner? I think that’s the name of her partner anyway. I’m in Roy, so I think there are only two midwives that deliver up here.

      Also, I didn’t know I met you at the cafe! You’ll have to post a picture or something so I can link the face with the name.

      • Yes! That is her partner! I’ve met Chris! She is awesome. I hope you love her!

        Yeah, we met a few times up there. And then I moved out of state. 🙂 I’ll try and find you on facebook.

  2. These are really in depth questions. Hopefully they were all answered the way you hoped. Question, you mentioned your baby as your daughter, are you assuming you are having a girl, or did I misread that?

    • Actually I was referring to Peanut. I showed her a copy of Peanut’s birth plan. While there are some things I would change, the general idea still would be the same.

      I’m happy I had my list, but most of the questions didn’t even need to be answered. I guess I still have the mindset of a hospital birth because she said many of these things you have to fight really hard to get in a hospital, but they’re just the norm when birthing at home. I’m really happy with the interview overall. She said that, in a nutshell, she follows me. I make the decisions, she’s just there to help me, which is exactly what I want. I’d be happy to give you her number if you’re interested.

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