Peanut’s Routine

Peanut’s sleep has gotten onto not-so-good ground. I know it’s because things are less hectic and I’ve really been ignoring her bedtime routine and getting her hyped up when she shouldn’t and making dinner too late and all the other wonderful things that mamas that are trying to avoid vomiting do.

Anyway, I want to get back into the swing of things. I want to get her bedtime routine back to normal. On top of that, I want to just get her routine back to normal. She’s attending a preschool on my campus next semester (yay!) and they have things set out by time. I decided to do the same thing. Of course this is flexible, but I’m just trying to get her used to the idea.

We’re going to try to stick to this as much as possible. I’m also going to try to work really hard on getting her to nap at 11:30 because that’s when the preschool naps. Right now she’s napping anywhere between 2pm and 4pm. I’m certain that the reason she didn’t go to bed until 9:30 is because she woke up at 6. No bueno. The theory is that if she has a solid daytime routine, that she’ll sleep better. We’ll see how this goes.

I also know that other things we have going on will interrupt (or just slightly change the scenery) of the routine, so I’ve given her a calendar to tell her important events of certain days.

Aww cute puppy

In general, I’m just trying to get her involved in her activities. Help her anticipate things. Get her excited. Help her to understand that certain things are on certain days. I realize that’s a lot for a 2 year old, but I don’t plan on her getting it right now. Just more breaking her into the idea while letting her having a bit more control over her life.


4 thoughts on “Peanut’s Routine

  1. …you may be surprised. I think people don’t give toddlers enough credit. They learn really fast and know things you didn’t even know they knew. My mom tells me when I started Kindergarten I knew how to read and she didn’t even know.


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