Newsletter – May 2011

Hiya Peanut and Twig!

It’s certainly been an interesting month! Of course we had three big events happen this month, we found out Peanut is severely allergic to Peanuts, we found out Mama’s pregnant with Twig, and Auntie Barbara passed away. It’s certainly been an interesting month. Since mama is pregnant and this newsletter is addressed to the both of you, I’ve decided to start posting it on the last day of the month.

Peanut, you’re pretty excited to be a big sister. You loves to tell anyone who will listen about the baby in mama’s tummy. Everyone around here is super excited. Mama is feeling pretty touched out and tired and nauseous, but she’ll be okay. We have to keep reiterating that to Peanut because she gets concerned when Mama gets sick. Occasionally when I tell you not to stand (yes, stand) on my belly, you get mad and tell me you don’t want the baby in my belly. It quickly turns back into excitement though.

Peanut, you’re speaking so well now. Yesterday you said “upstairs” and it was almost perfect! It sounded like “up-stai-s” and I so shocked at how well you pronounced it that I made Daddy come listen. A lot of the time it’s still difficult to understand what you’re saying, but generally after you repeat it 10 times Mama gets it. The problem is that you say so many things that you’ve never said before and when I’ve never heard you say it, it takes me more time to get it.

You seem to be finally understanding the concept of colors. Last week you told me the cat was black without me even asking. You know all of your letters and your numbers consistently up to 14 or 15. Some days you can go almost to 20. You’re friggin’ brilliant!

Speaking of brilliant kids, you’re making leaps and bounds Twig. You’re somewhere between the size of a blueberry and kidney bean at the moment. That’s pretty awesome. If you weren’t somewhere inside my already hugely bloated belly, I’d be able to actually see you on the table. Slightly disturbing that we got blueberries in our bountiful basket this week, but I’ll just remind myself that you aren’t actually a blueberry when I’m eating them in my pancakes.

You’re starting to look less like a weird reptile and more like a real baby. Supposedly you’re growing some buds now that’ll be arms and legs. Along with pretty much every body part actually, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re such a little smarty pants. Mama is pretty nauseous and tired still, but hopefully that’ll pass soon. I keep reminding myself that it’s actually a good sign that I’m so sick.

Love you both, Mama


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