Viva Las Vegas

This is going to be a not-very-wordless wordless Wednesday post. As I’ve mentioned previously, we went to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. So we packed up the car with way too much stuff, drove 8 hours (with stops) Thursday, saw some sights and went to a wedding Friday (the reason for driving down), saw some more sights Saturday, and then drove another 8 hours home Sunday. It was our first trip as a family and it was stressful, but fun. Now to the pictures!

Peanut and daddy waiting for the bus on the way to the aquarium.

Neat jellyfish!

Peanut was super interested in the sting rays, but wouldn't touch them.

Peanut being super sassy to a little girl at the aquarium.

Family photo 😀

Peanut with the M&M guy. I find this amusing because she can't have M&Ms.

Once you get a photo with one large suited person, you must have photos with all!

And another with big bird (who was hanging out at the Welcome sign where the wedding took place).

The beautiful bride and groom (my husband's uncle and aunt) who are Las Vegas residents and had a very "Las Vegas" wedding.

Peanut with the prizes daddy won for her at some arcade while waiting for the Tournament of Kings to start (and daddy making a creepy face).

Peanut being fascinated by the fountains at the Bellagio.

Another family photo.

Peanut up close and personal with a dolphin at The Secret Garden.

Peanut relaxing on a tiger.

We also went to the Bodies exhibit and to The Tournament of Kings, both of which you can’t take pictures of. Honestly, those were probably my favorite two places. Peanut loved the Tournament of Kings. She was very interested in the ladies dancing. She didn’t go with us to the Bodies exhibit, but I got to see an embryo the same size as Twig! It was pretty neat. All in all, a good vacation.


One thought on “Viva Las Vegas

  1. Your little girl is so cute and she looks just like both you and your husband. It looks like you all had a great trip xx

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