Pregnancy Restrictions

10 Weeks 2 Days

You know what? We put a whole lot of restrictions on moms. If you’re pregnant you can’t have that sandwich, if you’re nursing you can’t have a beer, I think it’s all crap. I mean, I realize these restrictions are put out there for a reason, but I am allowed to use common sense. It’s the same as vaccines to me (which I realize some of you may not agree with). If my child is at home with me and nursing, she simply doesn’t need as many shots. Decreasing vaccines may not be right for everyone, but having Every. Single. One. isn’t right for everyone either. There’s a balance here and your doctor may not express this to you.

That’s where I was with my first pregnancy. I was told I don’t do A, B, C, and all the way to somewhere around Q. It’s bad for the baby! You could get a horrible disease that kills you/kills your baby/makes you go into premature labor/gives your baby an arm coming out of it’s forehead/blah blah blah. I don’t disagree that these things do happen (well, except maybe the last one), but it’s all about being smart about it. Last time, I was so terrified of toxoplasmosis that I moved the cat litterbox to where I couldn’t even see it, I microwaved my deli meat, and I wouldn’t even eat something cooked in alcohol. What if it hurt my baby?!?!

This time, I’m realizing that I’m a young, I’m in good health, and I’m having a normal pregnancy. If I’m smart about where I get my deli meat, I don’t need to microwave it, I can still exercise and the baby won’t fall out, and I will lift my toddler every time I frickin’ want to (and often when I don’t)!

What I thought! I can use my common sense to determine my risk! And you know what I did with that common sense this weekend? I used it to glide me down a roller coaster.

A pregnant woman on a roller coaster?!?!

I knew we were going to go to Lagoon (a local amusement park) on a specific day for my mother-in-law’s work, so I did some research. Everything online basically told me to not go on any ride at all. That carousel can be mighty dangerous to unsuspecting fetuses, right? Wrong. I not only rocked that carousel, but I went on about 10 other rides with my toddler. She loved every second of it and so did I.

I was smart about it. I avoided rides that with sudden stops, anything that made me feel nauseous, and anything that I wouldn’t feel safe with my toddler riding it along side me. I felt comfortable going on every ride I went on and felt like I was putting Twig at zero risk. If I were 8 months pregnant I probably wouldn’t have done the same thing, but right now Twig is still snugly tucked down inside me and thoroughly surrounded with squishy goo, so I figure he/she was just fine. Who knows, maybe Twig will become a thrill seeker like Peanut.

I am 10 Weeks and 2 Days. Sorry for not posting for a few weeks. Things have gotten immensely better since I last posted. Peanut is doing well with nursing (though I don’t know if she’s getting a hard letdown anymore). I am feeling less and less nauseous. I’m finally getting into the swing of things with this exhaustion. I feel like I can finally be a productive member of society again.

That said, I am still really tired. A lot of the time it’s not really sleepy tired, but more I-don’t-want-to-run-around tired. I’ve been really flaky with social engagements and honestly we’ve spent a lot more time at home in general, but I’m okay with that. We’ve been busy bodies for a long time, so I’m really to sit around and play in the backyard all day.

I’m also having some severe food aversions. One second I’m eating a second breakfast and the next I’m starving, but can’t find a single thing that sounds in the least bit appetizing. Yesterday I made myself a breakfast burrito even though I knew I had lunch to go to in a couple hours, then when I got home from lunch the smell of breakfast burrito in my house made me want spend the night in a hotel. Makes no sense. Guess that’s a theme of pregnancy.


11 thoughts on “Pregnancy Restrictions

  1. The only thing I truly avoid during pregnancy is sushi and “raw” deli meat, like salami. Everything else is fair game, though I tend to eat more veggies and drink water. I never drink water straight up unless I’m severely dehydrated or pregnant.

    • I craved sushi my whole pregnancy. At 40 weeks I did research on Sushi and discovered the risk is tiny. and the risk itself is that it might induce labor. At that point I was like “PLEASE! INDUCE LABOR!” So I went out for sushi.

      It didn’t work, but it did make my belly very happy. 🙂

  2. I am 11 weeks pregnant! And nursing my 9 month old. She still seems to be getting what she needs after meals, though my milk sure has seemed to change for her! I don’t really avoid anything during pregnancy, except for raw meats, though I don’t eat them outside of pregnancy so I don’t feel like I am giving up much. Also soda, but mostly cuz it makes it hard to sleep at night.Though again, I try not to really have it when Im’ not pregnant either. I am so glad to hear you’re feeling better!! (:

  3. It is all so ridiculous! If you get your deli meat from the same place, that you’ve always trusted, chances are you will be fine if you eat some while pregnant. Same with sushi! I love sushi and I eat at the same place I’ve always loved, never gotten sick and pregnancy isn’t gonna stop me. Plus Japanese women eat sushi their whole pregnancies. 😉

    Congrats on 10 weeks and I hope you start getting that energy back soon! The first trimester is hard yo!

  4. I went on similiar rides during my first pregnancy too. Or I did till the people manning the rides realized I was pregnant and woldn’t allow me back on. I think you coud probably do more to hurt the baby if you sit on your butt all day for 9months instead of being active and living life. Good for you for doing what’s right for you.

    • Luckily the amusement park we go to doesn’t say that you can’t go on the rides, but just to use your common sense. 😛

  5. I went tubing at Pineview when I was about 20 weeks…prob not the best idea when I think about it now but everything was fine! Glad to hear you are starting to feel better, love the little updates!

  6. I love that you went on a roller coaster.

    When I was just barely in my second trimester, I was playing ultimate frisbee and fell flat on my stomach. It hurt so bad. I panicked and called my midwife who gave me some great advice: If it were that easy to kill a fetus, people wouldn’t pay so much for abortions. It’s a terrible thought, I know, but there is truth to it and the truth is this: You are healthy, your pregnancy is low-risk and you are smart about keeping your baby safe. Your body is also VERY good at protecting the baby. VERY good.

    • That comment from your midwife made me laugh out loud. Then I told my husband and he laughed too. 😛

      In all seriousness though, that’s a great way to think about it. If any little thing we did automatically killed our fetus, we wouldn’t be a species that’s still around anymore.

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