My New House Mondays: Ripping out Trees

We knew when we bought this house that there was a lot that we wanted to do on the outside. Since we worked so hard on the inside last year, we didn’t do much to the outside property. This year we’re making some drastic changes, which includes taking a lot of stuff out of the yard. So one weekend we enlisted in my father with his truck and a few friends to come help us take care of some trees. We hooked the trees up the the truck and pulled!


These are the trees when we were first buying the house. All the ones straight in the middle of the photo.


And here's that same area after we ripped out 5-6 very old, haggard-looking trees.


A pictures from last summer of Squeed, her mom, and I sitting on the ledge that shows all of the vines.


All the vines are gone! And only one friend was sent to the emergency room in the process. 😦

Here is just one of the two loads that we took to the dump. That also included a tree we chopped down in the back last year.

There will be plenty of changes to our yard in the near future. This summer we’re working on the front because that’s what people can see. If we finish all we want to do in the front this year, then we’ll move on to the back next year. As you can see, we still need to plant stuff in the areas that are missing plants now and we need to knock off a bunch of that concrete that’s where the vines used to be. Old houses can be a lot of work.


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