Your Love is Like a Rollercoaster

Since I wrote the post about me riding a rollercoaster while pregnant, I figured I’d share some photos from Peanut’s first trip to the amusement park.

Oma and Opa took Peanut to the boats while mommy and daddy went on a ride. Apparently she didn't like it at first.

Just being cute.

Peanut was so happy getting off the swings!

I'm awful at group pictures, but this is us when we're about to go on the boats.

The "eggs" were by far her favorite ride. She went on them twice that day and tells everyone about them.

Obviously, she got a little better about riding rides by herself by the end of the day.

Peanut loved the ferris wheel. She also peed in it. Marking it as her own?

The last ride of the night was the carousel. Peanut had to hold on to her doggy daddy won her while riding the kitty.

We had so much fun that we decided to get season passes and have gone back twice already! Yay amusement parks!


2 thoughts on “Your Love is Like a Rollercoaster

    • I’m amazed at how much Peanut can go on. She’s right at 3 feet and that’s the minimum for a lot of rides. She can even go on the tilt a whirl and the new rollercoaster!

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