Mindful of Medications

13 weeks 2 days lounging in our PJs about to watch a movie.

Don’t get me wrong, medicine is a wonderful thing. Medicine saves lives. Medicine saves sanity. Regardless, I don’t want to pop a pill every time something is bothering me a little.

Last pregnancy, I ate antacids like they were candy. Well, I actually took a daily antacid pill and then ate chewable antacids like they were candy. Literally every day. Not to say this was the wrong thing to do, but I just don’t think the same way that I used to think. Nowadays it’s more about wondering why I’m having horrible indigestion. Well, more like why I’m having horrible headaches.

Horrible earsplitting headaches. Every night. My mom and husband were both confused as to why I don’t just take some Tylenol (my response to my husband was “Do you know me?”). Yeah, taking medicine would get the situation remedied, but at what cost? Even if a drug is proven “safe” for pregnancy, how do they know the long-term effects? How do they know exactly what’s happening inside of my body? Every woman is different, every baby is different, even if it’s proven safe for most babies, maybe mine is the one that it’s not safe for. Why do we have such high rises in pretty much every disease conceivable than they were 100 years ago? At least some of it has to be lifestyle and, I believe, part of that lifestyle is taking way too much medication.

My father-in-law was telling me some time last year about going to to doctor. I can’t even remember what the ailment was, but it was some weird symtom that wasn’t normal. Rather than the doctor trying to figure out what caused the ailment, he just ordered him another pill to take to fix it. Nevermind that he was already taking so many pills that one of those likely was the cause.

Secondly, I don’t like the whole idea of just fixing a problem. I like to solve a problem. There’s a reason why these things happen. Every symptom I have doctors would just so easily “solve” by saying it’s a part of pregnancy. That heartburn that I experienced with my first pregnancy was just because I was pregnant. It certainly had nothing to do with eating a big burrito and then laying down on the couch in front of the TV. Yeah, I would have had heartburn even if I didn’t have that big burrito and lay down, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as bad.

Same goes for my headaches. I’ve tried all of my usual remedies. Hot pack on my neck. Dark room. Laying down with my eyes closed. Drinking lots of water. Eating some food. None of it was working. Now I have a new theory.

I stopped wearing my glasses a few months ago after having only worn them for a few months, then not for years before that. The reason I went to get the glasses was headaches. My eyes aren’t horrible and the doctor said it was really my choice if I get glasses, but I was having headaches a few times a week because my eyes straining all day to focus. I got the glasses and the headaches got better, but with the day-to-day effort of wearing the glasses and having a toddler who’s getting them gross and taking them off and hitting me in the face with her head, I decided it just wasn’t worth it.

Obviously, while in pregnancy, everything is amplified. In my case, my need for glasses is amplified by my increase in headaches. I wore my glasses for the first time yesterday and, while my eyes spent a lot of the day adjusting to having glasses on again, I didn’t have a headache last night.

I am now 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Besides the awesome headaches, I’m still incredibly thirsty. Like to the point where my mother-in-law was concerned I might have diabetes. I think that being pregnant, being hot, chasing a toddler, and nursing that toddler just makes me drink 4 big jugs of water a day. My mom borrowed me a big jug like the one they gave me in the hospital when Peanut was born and it’s awesome. This is probably why I am also constantly peeing.

The most annoying symptom (minus the hopefully gone headaches) is crazy amounts of dizziness. I’ve always been a dizzy person. My mom says it’s because we both have ridiculously low blood pressure (there have been jokes that I’m not actually alive). Mine has always been at or below the normal range, but apparently that’s not really anything to worry about. Certainly better than the opposite. Either way, I’ve always had to go from laying down to sitting to standing. Or if I’m sitting and suddenly jump up, I may have to hold onto something for a second. I’ve even had my eyes black out for a few seconds more than once.

Now though, as with all pregnancy things, my dizziness is intensified greatly. Even if I get up really slowly, I still end up holding onto something. Before with the dizziness it would just be “Whoa” for a second and then I was good. Now it’s “Whoa” then “Oh my goodness” then “Wowza!” and then gets better. (Yes, those are the scientific terms.) If anyone can give me any sort of remedy for this, I will happily try it. I can’t possibly think of why I would be even more dizzy if I have more blood. One may think that would cure the problem in the first place. Anyway, off to go attempt to move the MacBook from the couch to the desk before falling over. Until next week!


3 thoughts on “Mindful of Medications

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  2. I had awful heartburn during my pregnancy and the only thing that worked was the green Orbtiz gum. I chewed it constantly.

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