All I Want For Baby is a Rocking Chair

The Enemy

For the last two and a half years, I’ve been fighting with this beast. When I was pregnant, I really wanted a glider rocking chair to sit and nurse in. I have always loved these types of rocking chairs. Of course, being a student with a student husband living in my in-laws’ basement, we didn’t exactly have money for one of the $300-not-including-the-footrest ones from Babies R Us, so I started searching consignment shops.

I was pretty particular on the type of rocking chair and the price, so it took a while to find one. Finally I found one that seemed great (minus some staining) at a store nearby and it was way below my maximum price. Seemed perfect.

Nothing is ever perfect.

For a while, putting a tile under one side made the clicking stop, but then it started to squeak. Finally I figured maybe the tile was causing the squeaking, so I asked my father to help and he tighted the bolts and sanded down the side that was causing the clicking. Both got better, but neither stopped. For over a year I would sit on this thing and try to lean that way or the other to get it to stop making noise so I could just rock and nurse my baby to sleep, then when she became a toddler there was no way to lean that wouldn’t cause noise, so we stopped using it. It sat in Peanut’s room unused until today.

I was planning on just tossing it. I hate throwing useful things out, but I had decided this thing was Throughly. Not. Useful. My husband talked me down from my cliff and suggested I give it away for free. Even sitting there writing the ad, I was still convinced no one would ever want to come pick it up, free or not. Within 5 minutes of the ad being placed, I got two separate calls. So, as I type, it sits in my driveway waiting for someone to come pick it up who can hopefully give it a second life.

Months ago, before I was even trying to get pregnant, I told my husband I only wanted one thing for this baby–a brand-spankin’ new fantastic rocking chair. No, not one of those ones from Babies R Us, but one from a local furniture shop. This store has expensive stuff, but it’s the kind of furniture that you can pass down to your kids because it’s so good. Now that I’m pregnant, I’m sticking to my one-thing-only plan.

I have baby clothes (some of which are gender neutral) that I can reuse. Even if I do need more (or if I have a little boy in my tummy, which no one will know for about another 26 weeks), I won’t need much. Last time around it was nice to have so many clothes when Peanut spit up everywhere, but did I really need to go a week before running out? Did I really need to do 3 loads at once to get through them all? Less clothes equals less stress.

I already have a baby swing (which was the only way I could put Peanut down and not be next to her for many months), a car seat (sold the infant car seat because they’re not necessary and actually unhealthy and unsafe outside of the car, so just Peanut’s old convertible car seat), toys (which I’ll be paring down again soon), of course all my baby carriers, and even a stroller (which we bought consignment and hardly use).

We don’t need a crib because we co-sleep, we don’t need bottles because I’m breastfeeding exclusively again (and for the very small amount I may be away, I still have my hand pump and a few of my favorite bottles from last time), I don’t need a baby tub because I all three (any maybe sometimes four if we’re feeling ambitious) can just hop in the tub together, we don’t need diapers because I saved all of Peanut’s and I’m going to do elimination communication this time, and we don’t need the other fifty billion baby items they try to tell you that you need (and many of which I did have) when you’re having a baby.

Last time, the lady at Babies R Us actually got mad at me because my registry list wasn’t long enough. She started telling me most moms have X amount of things on their lists because the more the merrier and blah blah blah. My thought then was why would I ask for more things rather than just the things I want or need? Of course, anything that is given will be graciously received, but I just don’t feel the need to ask for so many things this time. It just doesn’t seem necessary. All you need to raise a baby is a boob and yourself. The other things are nice (and many of them are wonderful), but much of it is just fluff you’ll never or hardly use and it’ll sit around your house cluttering things up for years to come.

I am now 14 weeks and 1 day. Woohoo! Second trimester! Last time, the second trimester wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for me. I didn’t really have many symtoms the first trimester, so the second was where I started feeling pregnant and blah. This time around seems like the second trimester may truly be the blessed trimester I always hear of, if not just because the first trimester kind of sucked.

I’m still peeing like crazy. Still drinking 50 gallons a day. Still trying not to fall down when I stand up. Luckily, the headaches are entirely gone since I started wearing my glasses again. I’m feeling a bit more tired than usual, but I’ll go ahead and say that’s at least in part because of the fact that I have a lot on my plate at the moment. I’m also feeling super irritable, but I can’t tell if that’s stress or pregnancy.

I’m also super klutzy. I hadn’t ever stubbed my toe on Peanut’s highchair (which my husband claims is a toe-stubbing hazard) until a few weeks ago. I think this is pretty on par for me with pregnancy. Last pregnancy I was still waiting at a Chinese food restaurant I had worked at for years. I hadn’t ever had a single accident, then all of a sudden I had 3 within a month. My boss said that if I kept up with it, he was going to have to start taking it out of my checks. I was also quickly getting too big and tired to function around all the people working, so I quit that job soon after. Guess at least this time I only have myself to injure.


One thought on “All I Want For Baby is a Rocking Chair

  1. I love it! It was a huge epiphany for me when I realized having a baby didn’t mean you HAD to buy EVERYTHING. Just lime you said: Co-sleeping, breastfeeding and EC-ing take care of the big expences (and I totally recommend EC-ing. My LO is now 20 months and I haven’t changed a poopy diaper for almost a year) and you can actually raise a kid without the rest. Buying baby stuff isn’t about what you NEED, it’s about what you WANT. I love that a rocking chair is your thing. That is so wonderful!

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