Setting Myself Up For Success

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As I prepare for my upcoming birth, I am continually amazed at how different this preparation is from preparing for a hospital birth. With Peanut’s birth, I felt that I had to fight against everything. I had to force the nurses not to ask me about pain medication. Had to force the doctors to not give me unnecessary interventions. Had to force the nurses afterwards not to give my daughter bottles or binkies or take her from my room. I was so afraid of this that I was willing to travel 40 miles to a hospital that is Baby-friendly Certified to help prevent a rough start to breastfeeding. Everything was a fight and I don’t know why I thought that was normal or okay.

When we went in for our initial meeting with our home birth midwife, she basically told me that everything in my last birth plan was moot. I don’t need to tell her not to give me unnecessary pitocin, I don’t need to tell her that I don’t want an epidural, and I most certainly don’t need to stress my desire to breastfeed to her or any of her assistants. It’s just all a given in this territory.

So all the little things last time that could have harmed my breastfeeding relationship won’t be there this time. There won’t be all the bad (and different from each other) advice from the nurses. There won’t be a lactation consultant with very minimal hours that just walks in and pops the baby on without actually explaining anything. There won’t be a doctor worried about my daughter’s “thick blood” (after giving her a vitamin K shot that I didn’t want, which in my opinion caused this) and pushing me to give her Pedialyte.

This time there will be only people around me that support my natural childbirth and breastfeeding. There will be people that can help me rather than confused me. I am choosing to surround myself with only people there to fight for me rather than against me. I will certainly be interested to see how the early month’s of Twig’s breastfeeding relationship contrast the early months of Peanut’s.

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One thought on “Setting Myself Up For Success

  1. We decided just a few weeks before my son was born that we would have a home birth. I’m so excited for you. Amazing experience and gift to give yourself, your baby and your spouse. Peanut too!

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