My Nursing in Public Journey

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I don’t remember my first time nursing in public and I don’t remember seeing any moms nursing in public before I had a baby. What I do remember is my first times nursing in public without a cover.

I started nursing in public when Peanut was less than a week old. At first I used a blanket my mother-in-law had given me as a baby shower gift, but with Peanut being born in March, the temperatures soon started rising, which made the cover much too hot. So next I got one of those specialty nursing covers. While it was much better than the blanket, it was still horribly inconvenient. Screaming infant while I’m searching through my bag for the cover that had a bent rim from being in my bag (you can’t fold those covers entirely in half).

Peanut soon solved this dilemma for me by refusing to nurse under the cover. It was probably around June and she was 3-ish months (though honestly, now that I think about it, it could have even been May) when she started kicking and hitting and scratching me whenever I tried to nurse her under the cover. I don’t know if it was the heat or just that she was annoyed, but she simply refused.

I remember the last time this happened was when we were out to eat with another couple who were childless. I managed to nurse her under the cover in the restaurant, but when we got back to their place and she was hungry again, I just didn’t feel like fighting her. They had accidentally left their keys in their apartment and were trying to get in, so we were outside in the dark waiting for one of them to climb through a window. When she started fussing, I just decided “fine, whatever” and started to nurse her. I believe my husband gave me one surprised glance and the male half of that couple also gave me a surprised glance when we got back inside, but there was no mention of it. It just simply was.

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