How Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy Helps ME

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Yeah, you read that right.

Of course I’m still nursing Peanut to benefit her. She still gets my antibodies (even though my milk is drying up). She still gets the comfort. Blah blah blah. One thing people don’t talk about often enough when it comes to breastfeeding benefits is how it benefits mom.

Nursing my toddler while pregnant has been different than just nursing my toddler in general, but the differences haven’t had anything to do with her, it’s all me being pregnant. Some days I don’t feel like getting off the couch. Some days when we’ve been running around all day I just want her to nap. Some days, like today, I’ve been sitting at the computer way too long and I still need to accomplish something when Peanut starts whining for my attention. Nursing helps all these situations.

And I’m sure it will continue after Twig is born. When I want to spend 2 weeks without leaving my basement, breastfeeding will keep her happy. When I forget to bring a snack, nursing to the rescue. When I just need to have her sit still for a few minutes because I’m tired, breastfeeding will be a life-saver.

It’s really been the theme of our nursing relationship. When Peanut was little, I used to say that without co-sleeping and breastfeeding I wouldn’t get enough sleep to function. When she grew into a toddler, I said that I couldn’t keep my energy without the little breaks that nursing provides. Now that I’m pregnant, I don’t know how I would parent through the ups and downs of pregnancy without the breast so readily available.

I don’t know why a mom would choose to wean and lose this wonderful and simple parenting tool. What other strategy can calm crying children, give you some rest, get them to sleep, and all at the same time, give them the most round nutrition and antibodies to boot? Nothing. I simply don’t know how I’ll parent when Peanut decides to stop nursing. Let’s hope that day doesn’t come too soon.

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4 thoughts on “How Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy Helps ME

  1. Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out when that day comes, and until then just keep on taking those nursing breaks and cherishing every minute! P.S. When are you due??

  2. Amen, Amen, and AMEN sister! I can so relate to every single word of this!! I hope more moms will realize how much they stand to benefit from tandem nursing!

  3. It’s true, and a big reason why I kept nursing through pregnancy. It’s a way to connect when I’m otherwise feeling tapped out, and it was a great way to soothe my big little guy. That said, I did lose my milk and it hurt a lot to nurse, so I can understand why some mamas would have to make the hard decision to wean, whether for good or just temporarily. Now that my milk’s back in, I can’t keep Mikko off. 😉

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