My Reliable Breastfeeding Resources

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I could do a big post today about how to find reliable online breastfeed resources. I could do a post about how many absolutely awful “resources” I’ve found over the last few years. I could do a post about following your instincts when taking any parenting advice and trying multiple things to figure out what works for you. I could do all of these thing, but quite frankly, I’m short on time.

So here are my top three resources I recommend to every pregnant and new mom. These three sites are ones that I trust with my life and have never let me down. Not only do they hold a wealth of information, but, in my opinion, it’s all great advice.– I’m sure that you’ve noticed me mentioning this site over and over throughout my blogs. It’s just fantastic. They have many links to studies and lists of other reputable sites for any certain topic. There are topics on all aspects of breastfeeding and it’s a great place to start when you have a question.

La Leche League– La Leche League in person is an incredibly valuable resource, but when you need information immediately and don’t feel like calling a leader, their website is just full of it. They also have links to sites and on top of that they have stories from moms. Become a LLL member and you’ll get their online magazine which is literally a magazine entirely devoted to breastfeeding.– I loved their magazines, but they’re out of print now. I’d definitely recommend snagging some up before all of the back issues are sold. Their website is great, but what I’m really talking about here is their Mothering Dot Community. I love that there are so many like minded moms out there waiting to give you advice at any hour of the day. This is the first place I go when I have specific questions and there’s almost always someone who has been in the same situation just waiting to help. It’s great for support too.

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