Variations of Normal

16 weeks 2 days

Every pregnancy is different.

That’s something I keep telling myself lately. I’m a bit of a worrier, so sometimes it’s not so easy, but I just keep telling myself that it’s okay for things to be different. Not all pregnancies are the same and while many would like you to subscribe to the train of thought that different means bad, it’s simply not true. Take my current situation for example.

Yesterday I ate: 2 packages of strawberry oatmeal with milk, 1.5 rolls, 1.5 pieces of chicken, a handful of potatoes, two big spoonfuls of green beans with bacon, a soda, 2 cookies, half a very big steak, one corn on the cob, a big serving of these delicious buttery mushrooms, multiple handfuls of grapes, and a bowl of porridge with a large amount of butter and sugar. After eating the porridge I decided to weigh myself out of curiosity and I’ve lost another 3 lbs.

Last time I think I lost a few pounds in the first trimester, but immediately gained it back when I hit the second. I also figure that while nursing and being pregnant does take extra calories, it certainly has to take a substantial amount less if my milk is nearly gone. Guess not?

When I went in to my WIC appointment (we decided to try it out again after boycotting it–more on that in a later post) the lady wasn’t phased at all that I was still nursing Peanut, but she did seem concerned that I was losing weight. That was a day before my last midwife appointment and I think I had lost 4 lbs at that point. She just wanted to make sure that I was indeed getting enough food and I told her I’m eating like a cow (see above where I literally eat four meals plus snacks in one day). The next day when I went to my midwife she wasn’t worried in the least.

This is where I go and tout all the benefits of a home birth midwife again.

She said the baby is growing and that’s all that matters. At this point my fundal height is just about to my belly button and she said that’s great. I’m getting to the point where people are probably pretty sure that I’m pregnant rather than fat when I go out (I’m certain that they’re definitely sure if I’m wearing a tight shirt). Things are going swimmingly no matter what the number is on the scale.

My midwife went on to tell me about how one of her daughters loses 25 lbs every pregnancy even though she eats awful foods. This same daughter births 8.5 lb babies, so there’s not a single worry in the world about her weight loss. So long as the baby is growing there’s no reason to worry.

I'm not big on bare belly photos, but I took this to reiterate--does it look to you like I'm not getting enough food?

For some, it’s so easy to chart my weight onto a graph and tell me that I’m not normal. It’s so easy to compare me to everyone else in some data pool and say that I’m below average. It would be so easy for them to make the inference that since I’m not going by the book, something is wrong. But different doesn’t mean wrong. Different doesn’t mean bad. Different can so easily be my normal.

I am now 16 weeks and 2 days and oh boy I’m pregnant. I can’t get off a couch by myself (I swear my stomach muscles just run away and hide while I’m pregnant no matter what I do). I’m having round ligament pain (I don’t remember it starting this early last time). I’m still peeing and drinking a ton. I’m feeling ravenously hungry and seem to be a bottomless pit. Seriously I’m contemplating another bowl of porridge right now and it’s 1am.

The most exciting development this week is that I felt Twig move. I have been laying on my belly prodding for weeks now trying to get some sort of movement, but nothing. I’ve even gotten really excited a few times thinking I felt a movement maybe, but then of course it ends up being gas. A few days ago I was just sitting at my computer one morning getting the HTML for the Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival ready and I felt a kick! Not a flutter, not a twing, but a kick! I swear if I would have been looking at my stomach I would have seen it it was that hard. I’ve felt him/her move every day since and, while this may be an over-share for some of you, I can actually tell the difference between movement and gas when I have gas. You moms who have been pregnant before will realize how big of an accomplishment that is.

Twig just keeps randomly popping in during a conversation to say hello and it’s awesome. It’s even multiple times a day. It’s hard not to get a huge smile on my face every time I feel something. That’s something I didn’t realize that I missed so badly until now.


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