No Spending Update

My 21 days of no spending actually ended a while ago, but with the Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival I was much too busy to post about the end results. Actually, if you didn’t notice, I took a mini blogging break afterwards to rid myself of the burnout.

So, I’d say overall it was a success. I went 21 days without buying stuff. Just as promised, the first week was really hard, the second week was easier, and the third week I was determined to not ruin my good record. It really didn’t end up that badly in the end.

Obviously this isn’t one of those 21-day challenges that makes me kick the habit forever, but it has made me think about what I really want to spend my money on. We’re going through a big reform of our spending habits (look for a very revealing post in the near future) at the moment and I’m starting to realize how much I can live without. Beyond that, I’m realizing how much more I can spend on the things I really love if I’m not spending them on unnecessary objects I think that I need.

For instance, immediately after starting the challenge I thought “Dang it, I forgot I need to buy more clothes pins!” I, brilliantly, left my big tub of clothes pins outside through a big storm and they all got ruined. I mean, a bit of water is okay, but these things were soaked (and stayed soaked for a few days because I didn’t realize they were out there). I did have a small tub still left, but I figured I wouldn’t be able to hang much with that little pins. Actually, much to my pleasure, I was wrong. Shirts I can hang on their hangers first (also prevents funny pulls in the fabric where you hung them). Many things can simply be folded over. It also decreases the amount of time it takes to hang my laundry!

There are still things that I’ll need to buy. I’ll never be one of those people who lives with 100 things, but I can be someone who lives with just what I need. I’m sure we could all do with some of that.


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