My Week in Pictures

I know that posts are few and far between around here lately, but I figured that I’d do a Wordless Wednesday showing what we’re up to around these parts. I have another post for breastfeeding misconceptions jumping around in my head begging to be typed out and I am determined to write a newsletter for this month (especially since Peanut started preschool!), so I am certain that you will see more of me soon. Probably not until the weekend though because we have an oral food challenge for Peanut on Thursday (hopefully with good news!) and I have a test Friday.

Way too much of Mama watching Peanut in her preschool through the one-way window when she should be studying.

Little Miss developing her picture taking skills while Daddy sleeps.

Fat (though progressively less-so) cat sleeping on me while I do homework.

A booth that the club I started last year made for a back to school event (talk about biting off more than I could chew).

20 weeks and looking pretty obviously pregnant. Also a lot of Twig kicking me while I'm trying to study.

More watching Peanut at her preschool. I'm fairly sure it's developing into an obsession.


Mama and Peanut having fun after we get home from school.


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