Newsletter – August 2011

Hello Peanut and Twig!

Wow it’s been a few fun and busy months! I hadn’t even realized that I haven’t written to the two of you since May! We’ve had a great summer and I’m sad to see it end, but I’m also excited for all the new things happening this fall.

First off, the summer. We started off June by taking our first family vacation. We drove 7 hours down to Vegas for your great-uncle and great-aunt’s wedding. It was not fun driving for that long, but you were much better than I would suspect you would have been a year ago. This trip is a big part of what prompted us to buy a minivan a few weeks ago and I’m certain that the next trip we take will be much less bothersome of a ride.

We spent so much time outside and it was wonderful. We got season passes to Lagoon and have used them thoroughly. You liked the fireworks this year, but were a little afraid still. You also love the dinosaur park even though you sometimes get afraid of the dinosaurs that make noise. Your favorite friends in the world are Sophie and Idella.

I’m happy to say that we found out today that you are no longer allergic to peanuts. Either it was a false positive (which the doctor seemed to think not) or you outgrew it. Either way, it’s certainly made my day. We stopped for a donut treat on the way home since we can have them now.

You’re doing really well with your colors now (even more so now that we’ve started playing Candy Land and you tell everyone which color they got and how many). You’re also amazing with your letters and always spell the words on signs and menus, then immediately demand to know what it spelled. You’re also speaking amazingly well. Everyone who sees you thinks you’re older for how many words you know. The nurse today thought it was the cutest thing in the world that when she asked you something you responded with “Of course!” I personally love how you perfectly enunciate cro-co-di-le.

You started preschool last week and while you have had a bit of crying in the adjustment period, you’re really liking it. You love Teacher Lisa and you tell me all the things that you get to do while you’re there. Since it’s on campus, Mama spends lots of time watching you through a one way window and it’s great to watch how you interact with other kids without me there. Your teacher says you love to command the play by telling everyone what they’re playing with and how and that’s great for your age.

You love talking to Twig in my tummy. You rub your nose on “the baby” like you’re giving Eskimo kisses (I’m not quite sure where you got this idea, but it’s really cute). It seems as though you think the baby can see out my bellybutton because you like to show the baby whatever you’re playing with and I haven’t bothered to correct you. I figure there’s no harm in you thinking Twig is watching along with listening. You also make me lift my shirt up every time you want to talk to Twig as if he/she can’t hear you through the layers.

Speaking of you Twig, you’re quite a mover and a shaker. You like to make appearances when I’m studying or when I’m reading before bed at night. I swear I have a little octopus in there. You’re the length of a banana now and I certainly notice it. Daddy and Peanut haven’t been able to feel you yet, but they keep trying. Well actually, Peanut claims to feel you, but considering that Daddy can’t I’m guessing she’s just hopeful.

Love you both!



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