Preserving Garden Tomatoes-Tomato Sauce

This year I decided to plant two tomato plants that I got for $2 each at my school’s semesterly Botany Club plant sale. Oh boy am I happy that I did.

My Beefsteak tomatoes aren’t really coming in. The plant itself is huge, but not really producing babies and according to the internet that means it’s conditions are too favorable, so I broke off a couple of limbs. Even with that plant not giving me a single tomato yet, I have had an over-supply coming from my Roma plant.

Last week I had about 15 tomatoes in my kitchen waiting to be eaten. All from one plant! And I have been eating a ton of them! Regardless, my demand couldn’t keep up with the supply and I needed to do something or I would have had to start throwing out my proudly grown little beauties.

My mom has about 10 tomato plants and spends a good part of the season making salsa (she also grow peppers) and canned diced tomatoes. Since I have plenty of both of those at my ready ability (she makes LOTS), I didn’t want to make either of those. Tomatoes aren’t exactly freezer-worthy, so I needed to come up with an idea of something that we’d use plenty of and wasn’t difficult to do. Amazingly, at the exact time that I’m pondering this, a post from The Saved Quarter (an amazing woman who doesn’t get student loans for school, but rather saves 25% of her income every month) came up on my RSS feed and gave me the solution to my problem: tomato sauce!

We eat plenty of pasta and pizza around here, so having a base sauce that I could bulk up into either of those things sounded like the perfect thing for me to do. I mostly made it by flying by the seat of my pants, but oh my it smelled good! So here’s what I did:

12 tomatoes (give or take) whole

1 onion with the peel taken off and chopped in half

3 small cloves of garlic peeled

dried oregano, dried basil, and dried “Italian seasoning” to taste

I just threw the first 3 ingredients into my Vitamix and pureed them (literally, I put in whole tomatoes with their skins and everything and you wouldn’t even know). If you don’t have as powerful of a blender, you may want to chop them up more first or possibly remove the skins of the tomatoes first. I poured the tomato-y substance into my biggest pot and added seasoning until it tasted good, then simmered it for an hour. Of course I put it into cans as shown in the picture, but you could also freeze it like mentioned in Penny Saver’s post. It smelled so good that it was hard to not just eat it on the spot. As you can see, this recipe made me four small jars of delicious goodness. Yum.


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