No Glucose Soda For Me, Thanks

22 Weeks 6 Days

If I were going to a regular OB, I would be doing a glucose tolerance test at my next appointment. The basic idea is that you don’t eat anything in the morning, then you go in and drink a soda-type drink that’s full of glucose, then they test your blood at whatever intervals your doctor deems necessary. I did it with Peanut and it was no fun (seriously, you expect a woman nearly in her 3rd trimester to not eat anything for 12 hours?). This time, I decided to look into whether or not it was necessary (or possibly dangerous according to some).

Yes, anyone can develop gestational diabetes, but there are risk groups. You’re at higher risk if you have problems with blood sugar before you get pregnant, a family history of diabetes, you’re overweight before you get pregnant (at least 20% above your highest healthy BMI), etc. I don’t fit into any of the risk categories.

I also looked at what happens if it turns out you have gestational diabetes, which is just sticking to a diet. This diet consists of whole grains, vegetables, drinking lots of water, and overall just basically eating healthy. For the most part, this is my regular diet. Yes, I like to have a cookie sometimes. Yes, you would have to force-feed me to get me to eat a wheat or corn tortilla. Overall though, I’m pretty good. I love my veggies. I eat whole grain bread and pasta. I carry around a big jug of water. So what would be the point of knowing that I need to stick with what I’m doing?

So at my midwife appointment Friday, I asked her what her thoughts were about the glucose tolerance test. Turns out she doesn’t even do them! At my next appointment I’ll be getting blood work done, which includes a screening that basically tells her my levels for the last 3 months (no fasting involved). She said that she may decide to do an oral test if my levels don’t look right. She also said that even if I do have gestational diabetes, it’s not the death-trap that everyone makes it out to be. She told me about a patient she had that had it and she never exhibited any symptoms (nor did the baby), likely because the placenta is an insulin-inhibitor.

Along with this test, they’ll also do a CDC (Complete Blood Count) test on my blood, which tests for anemia. She said that if this were my first pregnancy or my first with this partner (are we sure it’s not the milkman’s?), she’s have some other things tested too like my blood type. She said that if any of those things come up, she’ll just get my medical records from my previous doctor. I love how my midwife minimalizes the unnecessary tests without me even needing to ask. 😀

I am now 23 weeks and 2 days. Things are doing pretty awesome around here. Round 2 has started of round ligament pain, but it isn’t as bad as earlier in my pregnancy. Hopefully it’ll go away again rather than get worse throughout the pregnancy. There are days when I forget that I’m pregnant (until I ceremoniously smack my belly into a table in lab) and there are days that I feel So. Frickin’. Pregnant. by the end of the day.

Twig is an absolute mover and shaker. Seriously, I have about 10 times a day when I feel him/her move for at least a few minutes consistently. Some of the kicks even hurt! And I’m at that lovely stage where I’m sitting there minding my own business, then the baby kicks me straight in the bladder and I have to run to the bathroom because of the sudden urge to wet myself. My husband is also 100% sure that he’s felt the baby kick (multiple times actually) and I’ve been trying to get Peanut to feel, but she moves her hand away after about 2 seconds saying she can’t feel anything. I’m also witnessing the creepy Jurassic Park thing where you see the kick and your belly ripples with motion. Maybe Twig is less of a twig and more of a T-rex. Guess only time will tell.


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