Toddler Scarf Time!

It seems as though my posts as of late are lacking. My brain can function to write an eight page lab report, but sadly can’t come out with coherent thoughts for my blog. Guess I can blame it on pregnancy brain? Regardless, I’m obviously not posting a lot lately. I’m still writing a lot, but I have about 10 drafts over the last few weeks that I refuse to publish until I can make them make more sense. So I’ve decided to fill you guys in on some of the projects we’ve done lately. Peanut and I were crafty little things over the summer and I’d like to share some of it with you all. So get ready to have quite a lot of to-do’s and look-what-I-made’s coming over the next few weeks.

So here we go! I made Peanut a scarf!

I know, it’s not horribly impressive to make a scarf, but I’m proud of myself for doing it. I’ve tried to take up knitting in the past, but never really gotten anywhere. I actually started this scarf about 6 months ago and got about 4 inches in before setting it aside. I tend to do that when it comes to crafts (e.g. Peanut’s quilt that I got all the way to actually quilting it and adding the boarder before Peanut was born and have yet to finish).

My recent attempt to knitting actually came from my re-reading of the Harry Potter books. I was thinking of how neat it would be to make a Gryffindor scarf and realized “Well then why don’t I do it?” So I bought all the required materials and started on it (using YouTube videos to remind myself how to do things like cast-on). I decided I wanted a big, billowy scarf, so I made it very wide. So wide that I was feeling kind of frustrated that I had decided to do 60 stitches across. I don’t know how wide that ends up being for you, but for me it ended up being about 15 inches (which I ended up unraveling right before the first color switch and re-doing at 40 stitches).

When I bought the new materials for my scarf, I also bought a new pair of 6 needles for Peanut’s scarf as I had misplaced one of the other ones (my excuse for stopping). I figured I’d do my Gryffindor scarf and then finish hers, hopefully in time for the cold weather. Since I was feeling frustrated with my Gryffindor scarf and wanted to do something quicker, I figured I’d make Peanut’s scarf (which included unraveling the inches I had already done because I didn’t like them).

I started it last Sunday at around 4PM and finished it Tuesday at around noon. It looks far from perfect, but I’m impressed with myself at the fact that it definitely looks like a scarf. The whole time I was doing it (less than 48 hours to an adult is A. Whole. 48. Hours?!?! to a toddler), Peanut was bothering me about when it was going to be finished. She was so excited that it was going to be hers. Actually excited enough that she almost unraveled it for me a few times. When I finished it, she had to wear it that second even though it was 80 degrees outside.

All in all, it was amazingly easy to do. I’m amazed at how great of a hobby knitting is for someone with a toddler. She can play mostly independently, so I just need to keep an eye on her and pay attention. Knitting allows me to do both! Then when she wants me to come play, I can just set it down where it’s at and go play with her (as opposed to reading, where I have to at least get to a stopping point and even then I don’t want to stop). I did 20 stitches across and the same height as her (around 36 inches) and it didn’t even take a full thing of yarn. I’m actually already planning the next scarf I want to make for her and possibly a hat for Twig (of course, after I finish my Gryffindor scarf).

Picture time!

Actual scarf, inperfections and all.

A very snotty-nosed (and for once, open-eyed) Peanut wearing said scarf.


2 thoughts on “Toddler Scarf Time!

  1. She’s so cute in the scarf; it looks great! I have found regular knitting (and crocheting) to be beyond me, but I like to loom knit on those little round looms. I love quick projects. They are so satisfying! When I am working on a big project that seems to take forever, it helps me to set it aside occasionally and pop off a little hat or two on a different loom. I can do it in an hour or so and it keeps my sense of accomplishment going when I go back to the big project. 🙂

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