Rekindled Friendships and Breastfeeding Baskets

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine had a baby shower. I doubt any of you read back this long and honestly I don’t want to even re-read it myself, but I once wrote a post about this friend and a big argument we had about breastfeeding. She thought I was being brash about a private subject. I thought she was being oppressive about an important part of being a mother. After not speaking for many months, we decided to put it all behind us. I’m very happy that we did and I was happily invited to her baby shower. Peanut went with me and we had a ball (even though we had to leave early because it was way past Little Miss’s nap time). I, of course, made a her a breastfeeding basket.

Since I was silly enough to forget to take a picture (it was a very long week, so I ended up actually putting the basket together the day before in a rush, thanking the world that I already had most of the supplies ready from my previous breastfeeding-basket-stock-up trips). Luckily, she took a picture and posted it to her blog, so I’m borrowing it, hopefully without offending her.

This basket included breast pads (disposables), lanolin, Mother’s Milk tea, a bottle of water, granola bars, La Leche League meeting schedule and brochure for our area, and of course info packets from La Leche League about breastfeeding in general and a bunch of possible scenarios that need extra help (e.g. breastfeeding after cesarean, producing enough milk, nipple pain, etc.) that I deemed possible enough to include (which is, as I’ve found out making these baskets, really hard to decide).

By the by, this mom-to-be also has a fantastic little blog that I’d like to point you all to. It’s worth it to follow her blog just for the cute belly pictures, but she’s also crafty and a great writer. Happy reading everyone!


5 thoughts on “Rekindled Friendships and Breastfeeding Baskets

    • I have a few different ones on the site. I try to include what I’d like in a breastfeeding basket, but since finances are always an issue I try to compromise. So instead of doing cloth nursing pads, I do disposables and stuff like that.

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  2. A BF basket is such a cute and inexpensive gift to give at a shower. I have seen many ideas but this one is so adorable I may just have to steal it:) Thank you for the great idea,,,,Keep them coming!

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