Pregnancy Exercise

24 Weeks 5 Days

I won’t lie, I’m not good at exercising. I’ve been to the gym (Which I pay a monthly fee for and cannot cancel. See: Bad with money.) twice since learning I was pregnant. The first time was to continue my regular Pilates class, which I left because I was horribly dizzy halfway through. Second time was about a month ago when I thought yoga would be a great exercise while I’m pregnant, but sadly also made me horribly dizzy.

Regardless of my obvious lack of “real” exercise, I do try to keep myself moving while I’m pregnant. Not that it’s horribly difficult to do that with a toddler and school. This week though, we started our Bradley Method class and I’ve been trying to keep up with the exercises, which I think is a good idea for any woman to do. The Bradley Method’s exercises focus on keeping your muscles that support you during pregnancy and birth strong. Here’s a brief explanation of them:

  1. Walking: Yeah, it’s good for anyone to walk regularly. Just making sure to walk for a solid 5-10 minutes a day is great exercise though. I’m not talking about the walk and stop of the grocery store or anything like that, but just make a trek around the block. For me, this is easy to get done with just walking from Peanut’s preschool to my building, which also happens to be all uphill. I often stop and rest for a minute when I’m halfway up. 😛
  2. Pelvic Rocks: I wrote more detail about these here and as I said in that post, they’re great for easing pregnancy pain. Just the act of being on all fours is nice for getting pressure off of my organs.
  3. Butterfly: Sit in a “butterfly” position (soles of your feet against each other and pull them in as close to you as comfortable) against the wall. Have someone put pressure (NOT push, just pressure) on the insides of your knees as you bring them together, then the outsides of your knees as you bring them back apart. Doing this one just a few times a day is great for your legs, which do a surprising amount of work in labor.
  4. Kegels: These are the ones that are always made fun of on TV. Here’s a better detail of how to do a kegel. These things are great because they’re easy to do and strengthen your pelvic floor, which obviously goes through a lot during labor. Doing these regularly can help with urinary incontinence. Personally, I try to do one every time I sneeze so I don’t have a Pregnant Woman Pee When You Sneeze episode.

All these things are super easy to do and can help your pregnancy and birth immensely. Exercise during pregnancy is very important indeed, but it doesn’t have to be the pain that everyone seems to think.

I am now 24 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I feel huge, but then again I think I’ve felt huge the whole time. I looked at my belly pictures from just a few weeks ago and I was amazed at how much smaller I was, but at that time I felt enormous. It’s amazing how perspective changes.

Twig is a happy little bouncer and loves to kick me straight in the stomach when I’m eating. This means I’m generally consuming less at once because of the sudden need for it to all come back up. I very much hope that Twig loses this habit before his/her kicks get super powerful in the third trimester.

One thing that’s really getting to me lately is heartburn. Wow, it’s been bad. If I eat anything more interesting than a plain piece of bread beyond maybe 6PM, I can’t sleep because of the pain. I’ve been working on sitting up for long periods before trying to go to bed and it helps a bit, but there are still nights where I have to get so punch-drunk tired that I can’t function before I can fall asleep through the pain. The other night I woke up at 3AM and the heartburn was still there.

Even with that said, I’m not taking any medication for it. I continue to not buy it (or accept it from people who are trying to give it to me) because I know that when it gets bad, I’ll take it if it’s there and I really want to avoid taking medication unless absolutely necessary. It’s not consistently bad, so if the medication isn’t there I can still avoid it, but I’m sure it’ll just get worse as the pregnancy progresses. Can anyone suggest some natural remedies for heartburn?


11 thoughts on “Pregnancy Exercise

  1. I’ve heard chiropractors can help with pregnancy heartburn. I actually think Melissa may have told me that; ask your midwife. Anyway, apparently if you have heartburn because your valve isn’t closing all the way, they can just pop it back in (less then three seconds) and that’s it; problem solved. IF that is why you are having heartburn.
    good luck!

    • That’s interesting! I’ve already been thinking about going to a chiropractor, so I could certainly bring up the heartburn. Thanks!

  2. I’ve been trying to do more pelvic rocks, because I have an incredibly sore tailbone – my midwife said that pelvic rocks might relieve the pain. But I’m notoriously bad at keeping up with an exercise routine as well.

    • You could put up reminders around your house. I actually saw some stickers for remembering to do your kegels and I thought it was awesome, but I didn’t print them because I remember my kegels alright without stickers. My problem is actually doing the other ones because it’s not like I can get on all fours in the middle of the grocery store and start doing pelvic rocks. 😛

  3. I kid you not – the best (and only thing) that worked on my pregnancy heartburn was the green Orbitz gum. It still works the best now that I am back of my usual stress induced heartburn.

    • I’ll have to try that the next time I get heartburn. Maybe it’s because you create more saliva when you’re chewing gum. Hrm.

    • Oh yes, squats are very important. I was actually thinking of doing a post all about squats. Possibly one about tailored sitting too. Posterior babies suck!

  4. The best thing that worked for me when the heartburn was really bad during my last pregnancy was sleeping on an incline. I piled up pillows in kind of a ramp-like configuration from my hips, up, and that kept the liquids from making their way too far up.

    They say that eating apples is helpful, and trying to eat more alkalizing foods in the diet, (google acid forming, and alkalizing foods), can also make a difference, or you could try using a food-combining diet, where you avoid eating various different types of food in the same meal, (they have charts to show the types of food you could eat together… Usually neutral vegetables can be combined with either protein, or starches, or sweet fruit, or acidic fruit, but they avoid combining protein with starches, or starches with acidic fruits, or acidic fruits with sweet fruits, etc. You could google “food combinations”, but I bet that kind of diet would mean a lot of snacking during pregnancy, and rather complicated menu planning.

    I couldn’t eat Tomato sauce and pasta or pizza without problems. It was a misery!! I bet if you looked hard enough, you might find some trigger foods that really set you off, which you could avoid. Good luck!!

    • I’m sure I have trigger foods too, but I bet if I found them out I’d want them even more. 😛 I’ll try eating an apple next time though. I’ve heard the same about bananas (though I’m not sure if they’re alkaline or not). It makes sense that alkaline foods would help neutralize the acids.

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