Long Week Links

Insert random cute picture of Peanut? Why yes, I will.

As you all know, I’m once again up to my eyeballs in school, my school club, homework, keeping my house clean, and blah blah blah. Let alone being pregnant and having a toddler. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking deciding to take so much onto my plate. Regardless, I decided that while I may not be the best at writing my own attachment parenting related blog posts lately, I certainly can do some good by posting ones I’ve read (while I should have been doing other things) here for you all to get your fill of wondrous information (thanks Hobo Mama, from whom I got this idea). So here we go!

Myths about Circumcision You Likely Believe: This is the first part of a wonderful series at Psychology Today. I was happy enough to stumble upon this on a friend’s Facebook page (e.g. mindlessly looking at Facebook when I should have been writing a lab report or something) at the perfect timing. Since we’re not finding out the sex of our baby, I am trying to make a decision about circumcision (and get my husband on board) before the baby comes so it’s not a decision made in haste when I have 2 hours of sleep. This particular section of the series goes over surgical myths and includes my number 1 reason why I’m not planning on circumcising our maybe-boy: 100 deaths per year in the United States alone because of circumcision.

6 Reasons to Think Twice Before Circumcising Your Baby Boy: I actually found this one via Hobo Mama’s (see link above) Sunday Surf. I found the second reason particularly interesting because it has circumcision rate by state. My husband was mildly concerned that a boy may be teased in school if he weren’t circumcised, but from this I found out the circumcision rate in my state is only 39%, which is obviously a minority. Maybe the teasing will go the other way? Or hopefully the teasing will just be non-existent.

How to Prepare Young Children for Childbirth: I absolutely loved this post from Code Name: Mama about how she’s preparing her son for her birth. I’d really like Peanut to be at this birth (of course with the option to leave if she wants to) and since I’m soon to enter the last trimester, I figured I should start going on this. We luckily have already been doing most of the things on this list (like reading books about babies and pregnancy), but I hadn’t even though to share her birth story. We’re also starting to watch videos on birth. Peanut told me the other day “I was a baby. I cried. I came out your gina. Now I’m big sister!” So cute!

Speaking of birth videos, here’s one that I thought was particularly awesome. Love the music and love the overall peacefulness of the birth. Almost makes me want to have a videographer at my birth.


One thought on “Long Week Links

  1. Big note on the Circumsicion, that is only inpatient circumsicions and just from survey’s. The rates are most likely signifigantly higher. Especially in our state. Interesting that most states that still have higher numbers are the states that medicaid still funds it, and the lower number states it is not funded by mediciad. We circumsized both of our boys for a few personal reasons, and did it at their 2 week appointment, they are a little older, plus it is about a third the cost than it is at the hospital, which I know a lot of people that do it this way for those reasons. I aslo have known at least 2 men, I don’t often ask guys if they are circumsized 🙂 But both of them said they wish it was done when they were a baby. They didn’t like it for one reason or another but by the time they were old enough to realize this there was no way they were doing that. There are other aspects to think about when it comes to this.

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