Tandem Nursing and Nearing the Third Trimester

I’ve done my best to document how nursing through pregnancy has been. First it was painful and gave me the heebeegeebees, then my milk went away and Peanut didn’t nurse for days on end, then my colostrum came in and she was ecstatic, now things are pretty much back to normal.

I realized that I haven’t really said much about nursing while pregnant lately because we’re just doing it. I don’t really have much to complain about so I don’t even think to mention it on here, but that’s exactly why I should mention it. I read about a lot of moms that have problems with nursing while pregnant and that is indeed one variation of normal, but I think that this variation needs some representation too.

Nursing while pregnant doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to make you cringe every time you do it. It doesn’t have to be part of your day that you dread coming to. There’s nothing you can do to influence whether you’re going to get the short end of the stick, but women need to know that the short end isn’t the only end. It’s possible to have a good experience with nursing while pregnant.

Mostly pregnant moms will have at least some point in their pregnancy that’s at least annoying to nurse through. Some moms it’s so painful that they can’t stand it. Some moms get such weird feelings that they start to doubt their sanity. Some moms just feel mildly annoyed at the thought of nursing. This is a very real part of nursing while pregnant. My point is that it isn’t the only part. You’ll likely go in ebbs and flows of nursing being annoying/sucky to alright. It might even change from day to day.

Right now, I just feel some mild pain when Peanut nurses. Almost like I can just feel her teeth too much. She works with me to decrease it as much as possible by getting a big mouthful and that makes it very tolerable for me. So much so that I can drift off to sleep while she’s nursing. It’s actually pretty lovely that I can go back to sleep in the morning when she’s suddenly waking up at 6am for some reason. Yeah, I still don’t get to sleep in as late as I’d like, but it’s better than nothing.

We’ve also gotten to the point that I know it’s colostrum in there, but there’s a lot! She’s actually gulping over and over. I wonder if my supply is adjusting even with just colostrum. Can it even do that? I’m not sure. All I’ve ever heard is that there isn’t much colostrum because a baby’s stomach is so tiny. Maybe it’s because Peanut is really only nursing once a day (though sometimes more if she sees a friend nursing or I’m feeling lazy about getting her to sleep), so it builds up all day and then she gets it all at once? Regardless, I’m happy that I can actually fill her tummy again.

What was your experience with nursing while pregnant? Did you have good times to go along with the bad? Any advice for my soon-to-be nursing two at a time?


One thought on “Tandem Nursing and Nearing the Third Trimester

  1. I would think that the amount of colostrum would tend to adjust to supply and demand, at least somewhat.

    I was still nursing my son (almost 3) when my daughter was born. That saved me hassles with the OB staff when her blood sugar was low. They trusted me to just urge her to nurse more, rather that trying to push bottles of sugar water on us. It took care the issue quickly.

    I had been prepared for the hospital to give me grief about having nursed through pregnancy and planning to tandem nurse, but they were just thrilled that I already had an “established milk supply.”

    Another bonus, when my milk came in, boy did it come in! Having my son nursing too helped dramatically, until my supply settled down and adjusted to a normal level.

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